5 Part-time opportunities to earn extra dollars online

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By: Good Nelly
on 19th Oct,2016

Some big companies need people to complete certain small tasks such as, answering some questions or searching the web for relevant information.
Earn more dollars online

Are you looking for an extra earning opportunity to work at your own time? Yes, there are several such opportunities available online, which you can pursue without hampering your regular job.

Here are 5 part-time opportunities to earn extra dollars online:

  1. Complete small tasks online - This is a great part-time earning opportunity if you have some extra time but wondering how you can use it for your benefit. Some big companies need people to complete certain small tasks such as, answering some questions or searching the web for relevant information. Usually, you have to answer it within a limited time period which can range in between 10 minutes to an hour. There are certain websites, like mturk.com, where you can go through if you're excited about this earning opportunity.
  2. Help others and earn online - If you are financially sound, you can share it with others to help them and you can earn dollars in return. There are several online financial communities like DebtCC forums where you can answer queries posted by people. Based on the number of posts you make, you can have lucrative earning per month. So, if you have adequate knowledge about finance, you can help others by giving out suggestions regarding how to overcome debt and credit problems, or how to manage personal finance in a better way; and in return, you get paid for sharing your knowledge.
  3. Offer online tuition to students and adults - Do you feel excited about the idea of teaching? If yes, you can consider this part-time earning opportunity. However, you need to have a college degree and you should be confident about teaching specific subjects such as, Science, English, etc. If you are interested, you can check out tutor.com or browse for such websites in popular search engines. Not only college students, you may have to teach adults too. Most of the classes are conducted on one-to-one basis, and you earn according to the subject and total hours you work.
  4. Opt for participating in paid surveys - There are many companies which want to hear from you whether or not you like their products and in exchange they want to pay you dollars. All you have to do is complete a survey regarding how you've liked the product(s) and how they can improve the items. You don't have to have good writing skills or higher studies to pursue this part-time job. What you have to do is register your e-mail address with specific websites like mysurvey.com and you'll start receiving surveys in your e-mail.
  5. Provide online customer service - Nowadays, many organizations outsource their customer service operations to other companies, such as, workingsolutions.com, which in turn, offer such jobs to people who're interested in working from home. Apart from earning a fixed amount per hour, you can also be eligible for incentives. Moreover, there's usually no limit on how long you want to work. However, to get through, you need to qualify written test, skills test along with telephonic interview. A background check will also be done before you're selected as a customer service professional.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity which entices you the most or you can also search for other earning opportunities available online. Whatever option you choose, check out whether or not you'll enjoy pursuing the job so that you can continue with it and improve your financial condition.

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