50 Smart ways to save and reduce your household cost: A room by room exploration

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By: Good Nelly
on 29th Jan,2016

You spend a huge percentage of your paycheck on your house for maintenance, decoration, renovation, etc.
50 Smart ways to save and reduce your household cost: A room by room exploration

You spend a huge percentage of your paycheck on your house for maintenance, decoration, renovation, etc. This means you can potentially save a lot of money from here too. Sometimes, even small changes can help to create a big impact upon your savings. Let's have a look at the 50 small ways you can create saving opportunities for every room in your house.

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Ways to create saving opportunities for every room in your house

Here's how you can save thousands of dollars from various rooms in your house.


This room can also be termed as 'food station'. This is where you cook and deliver foods to the dining room. This is a must have in a house.

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How to save

1.Buy energy star appliances to save money during the long term.

2.Run the dishwasher when it is fully loaded.

3.Use less paper towels and more reusable sponges.

4.Use homemade cleaning solutions instead of buying them from market.

5.Use pitcher-style filter in your tap instead of buying bottled water every day.

6.Preserve herbs in olive oil instead of buying them everyday.

7.Store leftover wine in a canning jar and use it for a week.

8.Cook food using easily available and less expensive ingredients.

9.Buy smaller fruits instead of larger ones.

10. Use leftover foods to re-create delicious dishes for your family.

11.Don't throw away vegetable scraps. Use them to make vegetable stocks.

12.Cook the right amount of food to avoid wastage.

13.Cook low and slow to save energy.

14.Innovate recipes based on the spices you already have in the cabinet.

Dining room

A home is incomplete without a dining room. This is the room where your whole family sits together for having meals.

How to save

1.Organize potluck party and have hearty meals without breaking your budget.

2.Cook meals and have dinners with your family instead of eating out.

3.Have breakfast in this room instead of spending money in a cafe.

4.Use energy efficient lighting system in this room.

5.Decorate the walls with your own artwork instead of buying new pieces from store.

Bed room

A master bedroom is perhaps the biggest place of attraction in a house. This is the place where you spend intimate moments and share innermost thoughts with your spouse.

How to save

1.Turn off the lights when you're sleeping. Even when you're awake, put lights on a dimmer.

2.Use CFC bulbs so as to save energy bill.

3.Eliminate all the rejected clothes and accessories from your closet. Sell them fast to earn money.

4.Use more quilts and blankets during winter and turn the heat down.

5.Wash your clothes and bed covers properly so that they last long and you don't have to buy a new set.

6.Buy a practical bed with a good storage capacity. You can skip buying furniture.

7.Decorate your bed room with the items you already have instead of buying new ones.

Bath room

This is the room where you transform into a civilized and hygienic human being from a dirty animal. This is the room where you need to visit every single day.

How to save

1.Turn off the tap when you're not using water.

2.Buy a dual-flush toilet. Use the buttons to flush the right amount of water for your different needs.

3.Buy a low-flow shower to avoid wasting water.

4.Buy toilet papers in bulk and use them economically.

5.Buy soaps in bulk to reduce the cost per bar.

6.Use old toothbrush for cleaning purposes.

7.Use traditional safety razor than electronic razors.


This is probably the most neglected part of your house. However, this room can be used for multiple purpose with little expenses.

How to save

1.Use it to do your daily exercise. Cancel your membership in a pricey gym.

2.Keep a standalone freezer there. Use the room as pantry and store products that you've purchased in bulk.

3.If it has enough space, then rent it out as garage or as a small apartment.

Living room

This is where you have chit-chats with your family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Your living room gives you an idea about your taste and style to others.

How to save

1.Install a programmable thermostat to have the right room temperature when you're there or when you're outside.

2.Shop online and buy second hand furniture at the best price.

3.Use LED bulbs to trim your electricity bill.

4.Opt for a cheaper cable package.

5.Unplug phone rechargers and turn off electronic devices when you're not using them.

6.Keep a stack of books in your living room to fill space rather than buying pricey items.

7.Rearrange furniture to give a new look to your room at minimum cost.

Home office

Not all the homes have this room. Small entrepreneurs or people doing business from home have this room.

How to save

1.Terminate your landline connection if you seldom use phone.

2.Take Internet service package from your cable service provider.

3.Purchase used furniture to furnish your office.

4.Check your telephone plans twice a year and opt for an economical one.

5.Practice 'safe computing' to avoid losing client's data. It is quite expensive to recover the lost data.

6.Pay bills online to take advantage of discounts.

7.Negotiate to get good price on the products you're purchasing.

8.Turn off your computer at night or when you're not working.

9.Use Skype for video chats and international calls.

Now that you've explored 50 ways to cut down your household expenses, start saving money from today onwards. Use your savings to boost your emergency fund gradually.

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