6 Smart money fixes to do when bad weather strands you at home

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By: Phil Bradford
on 26th Apr,2016

Do try to look through the bad and find some kind of silver lining in it. Make smart use of your time managing money.

Weather is unpredictable. Nothing unusual. But, when you put unpredictable woes to create added value in your life, then that's truly unique and calls for jubilation.

Here’s what you can do when bad weather keeps you confined within the four walls of your home:

1. Pay your bills online

Given the hectic schedule you follow, it's natural to forget some financial to-dos. These tasks if left unattended may result in an utter loss both monetarily and mentally. So, make sure you utilize your idle time to pay off your monthly utility bills and other debt payments like credit cards, mortgages or car loan online. Moreover, check for the deadline to pay off your insurance premium to avoid getting penalized . When you avoid paying unnecessary, avoidable fines, over-limit charges, etc., you get to optimize your adjustable gross income (AGI) and increase your savings subsequently.

2. Revise your budget

Most of the time, you’re forced to squeeze out time from your busy schedule to plan for your monthly/weekly budget or even to follow up with all the expenses made in the past week or days. However, when you’ve got some spare time all of a sudden, then why to waste that by sitting in front of the idiot box? Rather, you can put those hours into some productive tasks like reviewing your household budget. In addition, you may go through your kitchen and other food storage area to make a list of items that need to be replenished. For example, you may find some perishable vegetables lying unused and may plan a menu for the day using the same so as to curtail food wastage and buy fresh ones. Needless to say, you’ll save a good amount of your precious dollars.

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3. Review your financial documents

Taking out time to go through your important financial documents is a herculean task. But, when you’re stuck in your home due to natural calamities like a bad weather, then you could spend a part of your time in reviewing some of the most crucial financial documents to weed out future monetary disasters. For example, you may want to review your mortgage loan agreement or catch up with your stockbroker to stay abreast of the current trends in the financial markets. Additionally, you need to check how you’re performing as far as your retirement accounts like 401(k) or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) are concerned.

4. Check your personal piggy bank

A lot of times, you remain engrossed into some of the most pressing issues of your daily life. But, when you’re blessed with some newfound leisure hours, then why not catch up with what your piggy bank’s got till date? Do the same with your spouse and children, so that there’s a continuum of managing money wisely in your home. You and your family would always feel great to have saved every dollar to create an additional amount of nest egg. Moreover, your kids will get to imbibe your virtues of smart money management into their lives later.

5. Plan a budget-friendly event

There’s always an event or celebration around the corner and given your busy schedule, you could hardly plan to celebrate them with pomp and fun. So, use these hours of the day to plan for them in advance. This way you’ll get to organize all the needed items for the event without burning a big hole in your pocket. For example, if you want to celebrate Easter or Independence Day, then you may buy all the necessary items much before the actual shopping starts. Shopping off-season will bring in good opportunities to take advantage of extra discounts and save more money than usual.

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6. Take to do-it-yourself gifts

When you’ve made all the preparation to celebrate an event to the fullest, then why should you leave it for the supermarket to supply you with the gifts? Why don’t you make gifts on your own at home? And what better time and opportunity than this? Exchanging gifts are good but doing so with the ones you’ve made after putting in hours of hard work and dedication is out of the world and easy on the pocket too.

Finally, you could follow a strategy of your own to utilize your time. But, if you fall short of ideas and find yourself asking ‘how am I going to spend the whole day at home sitting idle?’, then you could use some of the above mentioned financial hacks to at least ramp up your savings. Remember, a penny saved, is a penny earned!

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