8 Impressive ways to save money and pamper yourself at the movie theater

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By: Good Nelly
on 5th Aug,2014

It feels amazing to watch latest movies while sitting leisurely in a dark cool theatre with a bucket of buttery popcorn and coke.
8 Impressive ways to save money and pamper yourself at the movie theater

Do you want to watch another X-Men movie with your kids? Are you a crazy fan of Tom Cruise ? Catching the latest blockbuster in theaters is like heaven to everyone. It feels amazing to watch latest movies while sitting leisurely in a dark cool theatre with a bucket of buttery popcorn and coke. It actually works as stress buster for most of the people. But the fact is your entertainment is getting highly expensive day by day.

Generally a movie outing including movie tickets, popcorn and drinks cost around $25.00. According to Millionaire Corner, 6 out of 10 people will spend more than $10 at concession stand.  One night out at the movie theatre will cost $20 per person. However, with a little practice you can easily manage your pocket while watching movies on a big screen.

1. Sign up for a loyalty program

Loyalty clubs are available in most theatres. Once you join a loyalty movie club, you can get discounted tickets, promotional updates and coupons. Download your favourite movie apps in your smartphone (AMC amazing app). This app will inform you about the special offer and you can earn two points for each ticket you purchase. You can earn maximum four points with each visit. You will get a free popcorn bucket once you've collected 10 points. You can get free tickets if you've accrued 150 points for the Regal Crown Club. Thus you can save your  money and enjoy your favorite blockbuster without any guilt.

2. Hit the matinee show

Try to plan a frugal movie outing. Some movie theatre costs less before after noon. Checkout the local listing and plan for an afternoon show. AMC theatre can be your right destiny for enjoying afternoon show while saving movie expenses (around $7.50, $6). On the other hand, senior discounts and student discounts can save you a couple of dollars while making a trip to the movies.

3. Buy passes in bulk

Buying bulk passes can reduce your expenses at movie theatre. You can purchase tickets in bulk for many movie theatres like AMC, Regal and Cinemark. Movie tickets in packages of 50 will cost $8.00 each ticket and are available straight from the theaters' corporate sites. You can find discounted offer from many chains.

4. Value your preference

If seeing a 2D movie doesn't matter to you and your children are not wearing the glasses throughout the movie, then try to skip 3D and IMAX. Thus you can reduce your movie cost. 3D or IMAX versions can add $2-4 extra costs. Make sure the special effects in 3D are really worth seeing on the screen before paying extra bucks.

5. Go for credit-card perks

Do you know credit cards offer you discount on your favorite blockbuster? There are some cards such as Chase Freedom , Discover More, American Express that offer around 5% cash back on various categories while shopping. Remember every company has different cash back term and condition. So, verify the service agreement before going for a free movie. Besides, some cards offer you member perks, points, discounted movie tickets, etc.

6. Set plan on a frugal day

Every movie theatre has discount days once in a week or month. Try to catch the cheapest date to see the movie. You can find family day discounts in some theatres. You might be surprised to get 5o% off. Cinemark is one of the best choice to get cheapest entertainment rate.

7. Buy movie snack at the grocery store

Do not waste money at the concession buying  a large popcorn, 2 boxes of candy and 2 medium sodas paying $26 . You can easily get these items  for  $6 from grocery store. Carry some burritos or a couple of burgers along with napkins while visit movie with your kids. You can easily enjoy family night out on  a cheapest price.

8. Become a late runner

Try to catch the blockbuster few weeks later after its release date. If you don't need to write review for a movie, then why should you spent so much money on a first day first show movie. You can find low rate tickets a few weeks later after the movies have been released.


Going to movie is definitely your first choice to pamper yourself. It can be more enjoyable if you save some extra bucks and catch movie more frequently. I would like to invite all the readers to share their own ways to save money at the movie theatre.

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