8 Tips to arrange a wedding reception on a budget

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 31st Aug,2015

Here are some tips to arrange a wedding reception without spending your fortune.
8 Tips to arrange a wedding reception on a budget


Are you planning for your wedding but you think you have to spend a lot in order to have a perfect wedding party? Well, you do not have to spend quite a lot of dollars to arrange a good wedding party. Here are some tips to arrange a wedding reception without spending your fortune.


  1. Throw party at your friend’s house – It is always costly to hire a venue to arrange your wedding party. However, you can arrange one at your own house or at your friend’s house if you don’t have enough space at your home. Any of your friends or family members might be having a lavish backyard where you can throw an open-air party if the weather permits you to do so.
  2. Keep the flower arrangement simple – After selecting the venue, next you need to think is about the decoration, and no wedding is complete without flower decoration. However, you don’t have to have an elaborative flower arrangement. You can always have your own color scheme instead of hiring services of an experienced florist. You can also opt for seasonal flowers which will be comparatively cheaper instead of ordering flowers which don’t bloom at that season.
  3. Make invitations on your own – You can make your own invitations by following a usual format. To do so, you can simply browse that in the internet. You can save on postage by giving out the invitations personally instead of posting them.
  4. Look for a good wedding dress – A lot of websites sell beautiful once-worn wedding dresses. You can choose a suitable dress and wear it on your special day. If you want to buy one, you can also think of reselling it after your wedding. This way, you can get back a good amount.
  5. Find a local music band – The best way to arrange music is to find a local band or a local DJ. You can easily find one by asking your friends and family members. In this way, you can also avoid disappointment by looking for an established person and getting to know that the group is already booked for the event.
  6. Find a bakery of your choice – Wedding cakes are usually costly. They usually cost about $500 on an average. Therefore, you can find out a local bakery that can provide a display cake of a smaller size and provide extra sheet cakes if the primary cake is not enough for all of your guests.
  7. Have signature drinks – You can hire a mixologist who is experienced in mixing up signature drinks on this special day of yours. You can keep some juices and the mixologist can mix them up to make different type of drinks. It is a good alternative over having a cash bar and by doing so, you’ll save a good amount of money.
  8. Use social media – Nowadays, using social media is a good option to arrange a wedding. You must be having a social media profile and a good number of friends. What you need to do is post requests to borrow certain supplies, such as, glasses, serving trays, etc. Any of your friends must be having a decorative serving tray, which he/she hasn’t used for long. Your friend might lend you this tray and you’ll save the money of buying one.


After all, it is your wedding. So, a personal touch will make it just perfect and the memories you will cherish lifelong. Therefore, instead of doing what others have done, plan you wedding the way you want to do it and you’ll be amazed at the outcome, at how you can arrange a wedding party on a budget.


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