8 Ways to reduce holiday food waste and feed the hungry

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 28th Oct,2016

The countdown to Christmas celebrations have begun. People are waiting to host parties, meet with friends at gatherings and of course for grand meals.
8 Ways to reduce holiday food waste and feed the hungry

The countdown of Christmas celebrations has begun. People are waiting to host parties, meet friends at gatherings, and of course for grand feasts. But unfortunately, just like every year, this year too will end up with lots of uneaten foods. A study says, "On an average day, a typical Minnesotan creates roughly six pounds of waste. But from Thanksgiving to New Years Day, household waste increases by more than 25%.

But the point is how to reduce the waste without hampering the celebrations during the holidays? Let's find out some easy solutions for this serious problem.

8 Friendly ways to reduce food waste during holidays

Here's how you can try to reduce food waste this festive season. Remember, there are millions of people in the world who are hungry. If you really have plenty of food, feed them instead of wasting it.

1 Set a realistic menu

Planning proper food stock up for guests can be scary for any host. You need to think realistically to solve this problem. Think how much food is required for the guests and then stack up according to your plan. Remember, a perfect plan can save food waste during holidays.

2 Keep a shopping list

Once you have a list of all your needs, you can finish your shopping easily without impulse buying. A proper shopping list will help you to avoid wasting money on unnecessary quantities. So, don't forget to keep a shopping list before heading out to your local store. Check out the best ways to shop during a festive time.

3 Practice to modest serve

Small serve will reduce the risk of food waste. Try to serve a proper quantity of food and approach your guest the second time for more food if they want. Or you can ask them for self-serve. Thus, you can reduce chances of food waste and also your guest will feel more comfortable and get familiar while having dinner or lunch.

4 Safely store the excess food

Reducing food waste is always good for your budget and for the environment too. Try to freeze the excess food and consider bringing extra food at your workplace and have it. Store the leftovers in an airtight container and eat within two days. Moreover, you can pack the extra food and ask the guest to carry for home.

5 Be organized

Keep the excess food very wisely in your refrigerator. Put a label "eat me first" on a shelf in your refrigerator and put all the items you need to eat soon. Thus, you can reduce the spoil.

6 Do compost food scraps

Composting is a very effective way to use excess food and food scraps such as vegetable peels, eggshells, coffee grounds, and tea bags. Thus, the landfill of your garden will be enriched with valuable nutrients.

7 Donate excess food

You can donate excess canned food, dry food to the local food bank or shelter. Every city has such locations where you can donate excess food. Check out the site Feeding America to find out your nearest food bank. Sometimes, even the food recovery service will visit your kitchen to rescue excess food.

8 Think creative with food

Search online to know how to reuse food scraps. There are many creative recipes where you can use the table scraps as ingredients. You can use vegetable peel turkey carcasses while making soup and so on.


According to a site Still Tasty, expired food item is safe to eat. It claimed that it's wrong to throw away the food just because the expiry date it over. So, don't dump your food after finding out that the expiry date is over. Above all, try to monitor the cost of your food waste to stop more waste. Try to keep food receipts and mark the item you throw in a food tracking sheet to get an idea. Your little effort can make a big difference. So, make an oath not to waste food during this holiday season.

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