Abstain from costly shopping mistakes and have a happy holiday

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By: Good Nelly
on 23rd Dec,2016

The festive season will soon be in full swing. People have already been smitten by the festive bug.
Abstain from costly shopping mistakes and have a happy holiday

The festive season will soon be in full swing. People have already been smitten by the festive bug. In such a situation, even the most conscious shoppers can make some wrong shopping choices, and end up wasting their hard earned dollars. Abstaining from costly shopping mistakes can help you gift a memorable holiday to your near and dear ones. Read along to get acquainted with some common shopping mistakes, which people often tend to make during the holiday/festive season. Avoid those mistakes and spend your holidays with a smile on your face.

Shopping mistakes people tend to make during the holidays

Here are the few shopping mistakes which you should definitely avoid in this holiday season:

1 Not creating a shopping list:

Heading to the departmental store without having an idea about what to buy, is a sure recipe for a financial disaster. Make a list of the items you want to purchase for your friends and relatives. This will help you know about the items you need to buy after entering into the store. You can avoid purchasing unnecessary items and save money.

2 Crossing your budget:

You're bound to cross your budget when you don't keep track on your shopping expenses. The sales people are extremely good at convincing people in buying items that they don't actually need. Don't buy items just because they come with special warranties. The extra purchases can make you exceed your budget. Follow frugal shopping tips to save money and stay within your budget.

3 Not taking advantage of discounts:

Purchasing all the gifts from a single store is a financial mistake. There is no point in paying the printed price when you can find a better deal. Some popular stores slash the price of the items to attract customers during the festive season. So, don't purchase items from a single store. Visit several stores before purchasing an item. You can also compare the price of the items online. Buy the items from the store offering heavy discounts to the customers.

4 Not bargaining the price of items:

Some people are too embarrassed to bargain the price of the items with the retailers. If you're one of those people who feel shy or ashamed to negotiate with the retailers, then you need change this attitude soon. If you're not embarrassed to negotiate debts with your creditors, then why should you hesitate to do it with the retailers? It is all about saving money at the end of the day. The store owners hike the price of the items during the festive season. If you don't haggle with the store owners, then it will not be possible to grab a good shopping deal. You will end up paying far more than the actual price of the items.

5 Purchasing only the packaged gifts:

Stores are flooded with beautifully packaged gift items, baskets, foods, etc. However, they are quite costly. So, instead of purchasing gift items at a heavy price, you can make some home-made gifts in this festive season. For instance, you can keep different types of dry fruits in a jar and gift it to your friend. The jar will look even better if you keep the dry fruits in different layers. Another interesting gift idea will be to make chocolate cookies and store them in a transparent jar. Kids love to eat chocolate cookies. So, you can gift this jar to your neighbor's children. They will finish the cookies before the holiday season is over.

6 Not touching your home stock:

It will be a financial mistake to pile up your shopping basket with all the foods, decorative items, apparels, etc. when you have them already at your house. It will be a sheer wastage of money. Scan through your pantry, drawers, cabinets, etc. and make a list of the items you already have. Avoid buying the items which you already have. Purchase the items which are not yet at your home. This will help you save money which can be used to pay off your credit cards.

7 Not taking care of your credit card:

Make sure you don't neglect your plastic card while purchasing gifts from various stores. Keep a close eye on your shopping bag and your plastic card while being caught up with the shopping frenzy. Your credit cards are important to you. So, do take a special care of them. Before leaving the store, check if you have kept the card in your wallet. If the credit card is not in your wallet, then check if you have left it with the cashier.

Identity thieves roam around the stores and shopping malls for stealing credit cards. If your credit cards get stolen, then you may get into a financial mess. The identity thieves can just steal your credit cards and drain your funds.

8 Giving your credit card to anyone:

If you're too busy to go for holiday shopping due to hectic work schedule, then don't hand over your credit card to your friend for purchasing gifts. You may not have any qualms in giving your credit card to your friend for booking air tickets or making online purchases. However, even your friend can make some serious shopping mistakes. After all he is human. Apart from that, if your friend wants to take an ugly revenge for any past incident which you've forgotten, then he can misuse your credit card. Thereafter, you can get into severe financial trouble.

Finally, making all your purchases through the credit cards is an unforgivable money mistake. It will be very difficult for you to estimate how much you're spending through the credit cards. If you exceed your credit limit by any chance, then you may have to pay a penalty to the credit card company. Apart from that, your credit score will get hit. If you don't have any wish to face such a predicament, then use debit cards, prepaid cards and cash for shopping.

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