Back-to-school - Mistakes we often commit while shopping

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 10th Aug,2017

Do you end up spending too much than you’ve expected at the time of back-to-school shopping? Find out the mistakes you often commit at the time of back-to-school shopping and trigger financial hardship.

Summer season is winding down right now. So, back-to-school shopping is now getting into our top priority list. At the time of planning the shopping budget, you'll feel that it isn't possible to grab every opportunity or bargain every time.

It also doesn’t matter how many retail shopping websites you go through, or retail store you visit. It’ll be a great mistake to start your shopping prior getting the long list from your teacher.

So, let’s discuss some similar big & small back-to-school shopping mistakes we often make:

1 Not buying food stuff in bulk

Now is the time to start bulk buying. Especially, purchasing items in bulk save a lot of time and money if you have more than one kid.

2 Using credit cards instead of cash

Making cash payment will help you to get a good discount from several stores. Popular stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. may provide you great offers and discounts if you use cash instead of credit cards. This way, you can control your impulse buying and lower your total debt amount.

3 Buying a cheap backpack

Buying a good backpack is essential for students. They have to carry heavier books in their middle and high school. So, if you buy a cheap, low-quality backpack, it might get damaged soon. It is quite possible that the buckles may break, or the stitches may get loose within few months. In short, buying a new, small but good quality backpack might work well for every student.

4 Buying way before receiving the list

As we discussed earlier, you must keep patience until you receive the list from the teacher. Without viewing the list, it may happen that you might buy unwanted stuff rather than the actual requirement.

5 Excessive buying

Buy only stuff that you require and avoid impulse buying. For an example - If you want to buy new school uniforms for your kid, you may go for two uniforms only. Remember, your kids will grow up very fast. For this reason, if you buy too many uniforms on a sale, the uniforms may fall short in sizes soon.

6 Overlooking fine prints

Always read the terms and conditions before accepting any offer. The retail stores might apply a cap on their great offers, like - 20% discount on clothes if your bill exceeds $200, or buy notebooks @10 cents if you buy 30 pieces at a time, etc. The offers may sound lucrative, but if you don’t read the hidden catch correctly, you may end up spending extra money towards stuff you don’t need at all.

7 Buying in advance

This seems to be a good idea, though. Buying school commodities and uniforms at a sale may help save a lot. However, kids often change their choices according to their mood. So, if you buy all the required stuff on sale way before knowing their choices, there’s a possibility that some of that stuff may get rejected.

8 Losing purchase receipts

Don’t misplace the money receipts after shopping. The money receipts are considered as “buyer’s proof” by most of the retail stores. So, if you want to replace anything from the stuff, you’ll need to show the money receipt at the time of replacement. If you lose the receipts accidentally, you’ll have no other option than to repent later. It is advisable that you must keep those bills in a safe place.

9 Wasting too much time on peeking stores

Don't waste your valuable time by visiting all the retail stores. It isn’t mandatory that you must grab all the discounts and offers available in the market. Take a break and concentrate on selecting the most lucrative offers you can find. This way, you can save your time, gas and your money as well.

Your task doesn’t end just by avoiding the back-to-school shopping mistakes; you also need to avoid mistakes later, committing which you may have to buy certain items again. For example, label the items as otherwise, it’ll become difficult for your children to find their stuff amongst other student's property. Likewise, take care of your kids’ new outfits. If you have to wash a dirty outfit, use soft bleach or detergent and choose appropriate washing cycle. Also, make sure you don’t use too much heat while ironing.

Do you have any other tips to avoid back-to-school mistakes or to take good care of your children’s things? Share it here...

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