Be an entertainer - Party with friends and shower gifts without breaking bank

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By: Good Nelly
on 15th Dec,2014

There is hardly any event wherein you don't exchange gifts with others. A nice gift has big power.
Be an entertainer - Party with friends and shower gifts without breaking bank

There is hardly any event wherein you don't exchange gifts with others. A nice gift has big power. It is your first initiative to wish someone or celebrate an event. But, buying presents throughout the year can dwindle your finance. Sometimes, during festive season, you need to attend a party, need to buy presents for your family and friends, organize dinners and parties and do a number of other social activities that can burn a large hole in your pocket. As a result, most of your money goes behind gifts, expensive foods and entertainment. So, it is very much important that you manage your finances while choosing gifts, throwing a party or entertaining your loved ones. Here are some tips on how you can save expenses on them.

Save money while buying gifts

  1. You can get great deals in different gift stores. You should read the papers regularly for offers and local deals that are available. You can also pick up free ad flyers that different stores are giving so that you can look through them and know where to get the best deals.
  2. You should never rush to buy things. Visit different stores and compare prices before you buy any items. Different stores give sale offers at different times. Take advantage of the sale offers to lower prices on most of the times.
  3. Most of times you buy gifts on the eleventh hour and end up spending lots of money. In this case, you can consider gift certificate. It has another benefit as gift certificate can limit your cost and the person can buy or use the money for their own way/choice.
  4. If you're talented, then try to make DIY gifts such as a nice drawing (if you draw well) or you can make some hand made cards, wooden CD or DVD holders, photo albums, scrap books, portraits, etc. Thus, you can save money and your gift will be more appreciable to that person.

Save money while throwing a party

  1. There are a number of grocery websites that give out free grocery coupons, mainly at such times. Other than that, you will be able to read a number of free tips on how to save money while shopping for groceries in such websites and cut down the bill of your food into almost half.
  2. Buy generic brands whenever possible. They are especially good when you are making casseroles and side dishes and nobody can even spot the difference.
  3. You should stock up everything; especially non perishable products. Make a rough estimate of what you would need for the time being and in the near future and shop accordingly.

    Save money on entertainment

  1. Instead of going to movie theatres regularly to catch out the new movies, you can rent out movies from the local DVD shop and watch it with family and celebrate the day in your way. There are also software through which you can rent DVDs online and also get to stream movies quite fast. Thus you can save money on tickets and popcorns.
  2. Another way of spending good times with your friends and family is to take a drive around the town or another nearby town to enjoy the day. There are a number of music and dance celebrations that take place at different open places which have free entry. You can participate in these and enjoy yourself.
  3. You can have a family gathering to decorate house and bake cookies and play a game of cards or boards, all of which can be enjoyable.

Lastly, apart from gifting or throwing parties frequently, you can enjoy your best days in your way. The most important thing is your care for your loved ones or how you're thinking for them.

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