Cheaper is better: How much this myth is considerable in life?

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 22nd Jul,2015

Saving money is exciting. But few things should be purchased only after checking the quality. Quality is also valuable like price.
Cheaper is better: How much this myth is considerable in life?

Saving money is exciting. You really feel encouraged when you get 20% discount by using coupons on groceries instead of buying the same items from supermarket. Your small efforts (searching online) can be beneficial for your wallet. But few things should be purchased only after checking the quality. Sometimes buying pocket-friendly items might not be a great idea. Quality is also valuable like price. Learn when splurging can be worthy for your every penny.

Cheap health insurance can cost you dearly

Sometimes, being a penny-wise can make you pound foolish. A majority of people make this blunder while opting for a health insurance policy. People often get tempted to cheap health insurance policies, but many have no idea that these come with higher deductibles. You can consider cheap health insurance at an early age, but make sure you can connect it to your health savings account if needed. Don't go for the policies with the lowest premiums. If you can spend a little more each month, then a good medical insurance is always beneficial for future. Try to opt for medical insurance considering the following options:

  1. Check the deductible amount per family and per individual basis
  2. Check if there is any limitations
  3. Know the participating hospitals, clinics and providers
  4. See the costs for medicines, and other stuffs
  5. Be sure if there is co-payment option for office, emergencies and specialist care

Cheap paint may wash out your money/savings

If you have enough money to repaint your house twice a year then cheap paint might be best for you. If you need durability on your walls then spend a little more money while buying paint. Thus, you can get the best finishing you always wanted for your walls. There are lots of mid ranged brands, which are both good in quality and worthy. Have a look at the website of Consumer Reports to know the ratings on the brands. Go through the review of the products so that you can select the best product as per your needs while starting the project.

Your new cheap shoes can make a mess

Try not to buy cheap shoes. Try to evaluate your shopping in a practical way. As example, if you roam around most of the time for your job's purpose, then you should invest a good amount of money for buying a good quality pair of shoes. Similarly, when you're buying shoes for your kids then try to buy a quality branded shoe instead of a cheaper one. As they are very hard with their shoes and also the baby feet need special care. On the other hand, a cheap yet good looking shoe may get compliment from your friends, colleagues but it can tear apart anytime, anywhere and can spoil your day. So consider your habits and your profession while buying shoes and invest money accordingly.

Cheap toys are not always healthy

If you have kids, then a certain amount of money will go behind their stuff. But when it comes to their toys, many people intend to buy cheaper ones. But toys should be of good quality as your kids skin is very delicate. So try to buy good quality toys as the color and the surface is far better than cheap toys. Moreover, cheap toys are not long lasting. So, try not to compromise on quality that may harm your kids hygiene and overload your waste bucket as well.

Don't compromise while buying a child car seat

Think twice before buying a cheap child car seat. Try to buy the best quality child car seat to secure your child's safety on roads. But the market rates are really high. Check to find out good child car seats or booster in your area. There are many car seat programs out there for police departments, fire departments, health departments and WIC offices. Explore online if you can get low costs car seats, or free seats at any local resources. Remember, second hand car seats and booster are not good and worthy as they can be unsafe for your kids.

Lastly, it is not always a truth that "Cheaper is better". If you want to use something regularly, then you should pay for the quality or you will keep on buying the same repeatedly. Similarly, it doesn't mean that expensive shopping is always worthy. You need to know your requirements while buying things.

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