Christmas - Keep your house safe while you are on a vacation

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 14th Nov,2016

Christmas is a time to enjoy with your family.
Christmas - Keep your house safe while you are on a vacation

Christmas is a time to enjoy with your family. This is the season to go on a vacation and spend quality time with your friends and/or family members. So, it is very important to take certain measures which will help you keep your house safe from theft and at the same time, you also would be able to enjoy a stress free vacation. Check out these tips following which you can keep your house safe from burglary while you are on a vacation.

Do not disclose your vacation in social media

It is really tough to not disclose in social media about your vacation. However, abstain from disclosing the information and sharing your excitement until you come back; otherwise, a stranger following your social media might come to know that your house/apartment will be vacant for sometime. Also it is better to not post a picture of an expensive gift you've received just before you go on a vacation.

Lock your house properly and ahead of time

Though it's quite obvious, however many people often rush while locking the doors and windows. It is better to lock your doors and windows at least an hour before you leave your house. This will help you lock them properly and you won't miss out any while locking at the last moment. You can also install a home security system so that the alarm starts whenever anyone wants to break open any door or window.

Do not close your window curtains

Most of you prefer to close the curtains when you go on a vacation. However, it informs everyone that you're not at home. Therefore, if you usually don't close your curtains even in the evening, then it is a better idea to keep the curtains open. Doing so, no one will come to know whether or not you're at home. Also do not keep any valuables at any place where it can be seen from outside. It is always better to not attract a burglar to make attempt to break open your property.

Ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mails

If you have a good neighbor, then you can ask him/her to pick up your mails from your mailbox and newspapers, if you have subscribed for it. Having newspaper piled up at your doorstep is a signal that you're not at home. Alternatively, you can fill out a form at the post office to temporarily stop mail delivery until you return. You can simply mention at the form the start and end date of your vacation, and the mail service will automatically resume after you come back.

Invest in holiday lights with timer

Before investing in holiday lights with timer, at first check the ones you already have. You should try to do Christmas decoration without exceeding your budget. So, at first check out whether or not you already have such lights in your home. Along with this, also check out whether or not there are any worn out cords. Discard the worn out cords as they're a potential fire hazard. Then, as per your budget, buy lights with automatic timer. These lights switch on and off as per the time you set. Therefore, it will appear that you're at home to operate the lights. Likewise, you can also invest in some automatic indoor lights as well. Another important thing – Do not feed extension cables through partially open windows; instead go for solar or battery operated lights, or you can also install outdoor electric outlets. This will help keep your residence illuminated in the evening even if you're on a vacation.

Keep your valuables in an uncommon place

Sometimes, it happens that you need to keep your valuables at home while you are out of town. In such situations, find out some uncommon places to store your precious items. Firstly, do not keep the valuables open in the rooms. This is because, even if anyone, somehow manages to enter your house, won't be able to get hold of the expensive items. You can store them in a kitchen container or a container in your bathroom. Similarly, look around your house and look for such areas where you can keep your precious items when you are not at home.

Apart from above, there's another important point which you need to follow in order to save your home from burglary; that is, do not leave your spare key at places where it's easy for burglars to get. It is advisable to not leave the house key under your doormat or similar obvious places. It is always a better idea to leave the key with a trusted neighbor/friend so that you can get it once you're back and you can enjoy peace of mind on vacation.

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