Eliminate costly features: Experience a super new car purchase

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By: Good Nelly
on 1st Jun,2015

When it comes to buying a new car, there are lots of factors that you should decide before going to a car show room.
Eliminate costly features: Experience a super new car purchase

When it comes to buying a new car, there are lots of factors that you should decide before going to a car show room. You want to get the new updated look with lots of new features in your car. But have you ever thought that some features will cost sky high price but will be used less? So, if you really want a new car sticking to your budget, then you should decide which options are less valuable and can avoid to reduce your car cost.

Read these article to know which options you don't need in your new car before hitting up the dealer's showroom.

Internet service in car

Internet data plan (3G,4G) features are now in demand even in vehicle. But, in my opinion, when wireless Internet connection on smartphones is so easy to access, then its no sense to spend thousand of bucks for wiring Internet access on a car.

Streaming video systems in car

Streaming video system or DVD player are great source of fun specially for children. But if you use portable DVD player or a tablet computer with Internet connection, you may experience fun without a hardwired system in your car. You can easily eliminate costly DVD player, Rear entertainment systems, TV, LCD on your new car and save hundred of bucks.

Navigation system in car

GPS system is very useful to experience a safe and hazard free drive. But, don't you think these pricy additional GPS system with several features charge extra money? So you can reduce extra cost by opting portable GPS system instead of built-in GPS in your new car. You can download navigation app in your smartphone and use.

Power-folding seats-and power-closing doors

Most of vehicles are offering power controlling assistance for seats, doors trunks and tailgates including window and mirror. These feature are offered for your luxury and comfort but you can easily skip these options to save lot of money as power folding third row or second row are not a necessity for you. So, think before hand if these options are mandatory for your need or you can skip and save money.

Leather stuffing seats

Leather seats are much more comfortable and look better. But you can easily get the same feel and look within your budget! So, why should you pay so much for leather upholstery? Just go for high quality synthetic leather cover to eliminate high cost and get a better look and comfort as well.

Oversized wheels

Larger wheel will change the overall look of your car but it also cost a large amount. Larger wheels means expensive tires. So, think twice before installing larger wheels. You don't really need 20 inch wheels for a standard family car. So, never spend extra bucks to the dealer for these.

Say "no" to longer car loan

Before considering all points you should think this point before purchase a car. Are you going to purchase a highly expensive car paying 6 year car loan? Buy a car which suits your need and also your budget. Try to opt a car loan which will off in less than four years.

Lastly, go for the options which are really valid need for you. Try to make a wish list of features for your need and visit your dealer to experience a better deal. Thus, you can simply avoid dealer's trap and avoid extravagant expenses on your new car.

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