Give a personalized touch to your Christmas decor within your budget

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 17th Nov,2016

Christmas celebration is always special. So, it needs proper planning in order to decorate your home nicely.
Give a personalized touch to your Christmas decor within your budget

Christmas celebration is always special. So, it needs proper planning in order to decorate your home nicely. However, this doesn't mean that you will have to spend a handful; you can have a personalized decor within your budget. Here are some ways to impart a new look at your home during the festive season.

Make style statement with candles - Do not be shocked to know that candle can be included in the list of budget-friendly Christmas decorations. Yes, it is true that decorative candles are comparatively expensive but you can make an ordinary candle look classy with your personal touch. What you need to do is buy ordinary pillar candles and tie ribbons, at the base, whose color compliment with the overall decor. You can also attach colored pushpins for a colorful look. You can place candles almost anywhere you like to give warmth and sensuality to any room. However, be careful to place the candles on safe zone.

Give a personalized touch to your tree decoration - Christmas decoration in never complete without a decorated Christmas tree, which is perhaps, the focal point of your decor. You can use the decorative pieces which you bought last year. However, if all of them cannot be reused, then instead of buying new ones, try to make something on your own. At first, search your jewelry box. You must be having some junk jewelry which you do not wear anymore. You can simply hang this on the tree or decorate the jewelry pieces with glitters and embellishments.

Snowflakes - an essential part of tree decoration. Instead of buying snowflakes, you can make paper or cotton snowflakes. Making paper snowflakes is very easy. You need to fold a white paper and make cutout; when you open the paper, you'll be surprised to see beautiful snowflake design. There is no hard and fast rule to make the snowflakes look identical; it can be of various designs.

Use uncommon items to decorate your home - Sometimes you can give a new look to an ordinary item with your creativity. For example, you can take a citrus fruit and put cinnamon stick or push cloves into it. If you keep it in a small room, it will emit a pleasant aroma. Similarly, collect and keep the candy wrappers after kids eat candies. Another thing - You should also take measures to keep your house safe when you're on a vacation.

Make your own Christmas wreath - Making a wreath is quite an easy affair. All you have to do is pick a greenery you like and bend it in a circle. Then, tie ribbon(s) and your wreath is ready to hang. If you wish, you can add ornaments, feathers, berries, pine cones and spray paint with colors.

Create a separate gift corner - Instead of keeping the gifts below the Christmas tree, you can create an exclusive gift corner and can make it the focal point of your living room decor. To do so, just keep a small table on top of which you place gifts wrapped in colorful wrappers. You can also wrap old pictures with ribbons and keep them in this gift table or hang them in the wall beside the gift table. Another unique way to decorate it is place small beads or pebbles in the wrappers and tie them with colorful threads, and use them for any hanging decorations. You can hang or place your old Christmas cards in this area to create a personalized corner.

Involve kids for unique decor - Kids really enjoy crafts; so, you can take their help in creating your Christmas decor. One of the easiest things which kids can do is prepare holiday ring chains. No supervision is required for this craft if you buy aluminum foils or cut a foil paper and give them to make ring chains. They won't need scissors or glue and the end result will be really amazing - shines and glitters all over the house to create the perfect mood for the greatest celebration of the year - Christmas.

Do not neglect the exterior of your home - When you are decorating for Christmas, then the outside of your house should also be well decorated. However, you won't have to spend much to decorate your backyard or your lawn. If you have trees, then just hang light strings along with bows and ornaments. You can also use colored or white lights in some trees to create a perfect light and shade look. Along with it, you can put one electric candle in each and every window to create a mystic appearance outside your well decorated home.

It is a good idea to start decorating your home from Thanksgiving Day or even better to create an all-purpose display and you can just make additions and alterations to change the look to Christmas. To do so, make a focal point at your home decor by placing few pillar candles of different shapes, sizes and slightly different colors, and place them on a corner table. Then at first decorate the bottom with twigs, walnuts and dry fruits at Thanksgiving time and simply replace them with greenery during Christmas. By doing so, you can create a perfect holiday ambience at your home throughout the festive season.

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