Holiday travel: 6 Tips to make plans and 3 things you should know

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 17th Nov,2016

However, it might not have been possible for you to make arrangements beforehand. No need to worry.
Holiday travel: 6 Tips to make plans and 3 things you should know

You might have heard a lot of times that travel plans should be made well in advance in order to get cheaper rates and have sufficient time in order to plan it well. However, it might not have been possible for you to make arrangements beforehand. No need to worry. It's fun to plan your vacation in the last moment. You can go through this article to know how you can make your last minute holiday travel plans successful.

Holiday travel: 6 Tips to make last minute arrangements

Check out 6 tips to make last minute travel arrangements during the holiday season.

  1. Invest time to research
  2. There is no alternative to doing the research and be prepared. Researching online will let you know whether driving or flying to your holiday destination makes sense. For example, flying to a destination may cost you more money especially during the peak holiday season and driving to your destination will let you enjoy the places in between. If you research, you can find out whether or not there are any picturesque places where you can stop instead of halting at truck rest stops. You can also purchase tickets beforehand if you find any attractions, on your way, which will entice you all.

  3. Try to book the package deals
  4. You may find the flights to be relatively expensive when you try to book one, close to or during the holiday season. The costs are relatively low during off seasons. However, there's a way to reduce the flight price during peak time. Does it seem to be unbelievable? But, it is true. All you have to do is opt for a package which includes flight tickets along with car and/or hotel rental. If you compare the rates, you'll find that the airplane tickets have become comparatively cheaper.

  5. Look for flights early or late in the evening
  6. Statistical reports suggest that flights early in the morning or late in the evening usually fly on time. Therefore, it is better to reserve flights during these times. Even if one of your flights gets cancelled, you will have the option to take a flight later in the day. Moreover, the queue to board a flight is comparatively less in the early morning. Even traffic is less on the roads during the early hours.

  7. Opt for booking cruises
  8. You are lucky if you live near a port as you can reserve a last minute cruise. The ships, whose scheduled sailing time is within a few days, try to fill out the empty cabins. Moreover, certain ships make same trips thus offering you the liberty to choose the dates as per your suitability.

  9. Do not wrap gifts and carry them
  10. As per TSA (Transportation Security Administration) suggestions, do not wrap gifts until you reach your destination. This is because, the TSA may require you to unpack your gift in order to inspect it. Therefore, it is better to carry gifts with you and pack it before you reach your friend's or family member's house. Alternatively, purchase gift cards; doing so, the person, whom you're gifting, gets the liberty to buy item as per his/her choice.

  11. Take help of online booking websites
  12. You might consider yourself lucky in one way if you're making your travel plans at the last moment. Certain websites offer last minute deals on flights, hotels, cars, package vacations, etc. However, sometimes, you'll not get to know the name of the business which you've booked though you'll know the pick-up location of your car, star rating and the hotel's background, etc. These websites also offer certain deals and discounts which you can take advantage of.

Holiday Travel: 3 Things you should not do or expect

There are certain things which you need to know when you're planning your holiday travel at the last moment. Here are 3 things you should not expect or should be aware of in order to remain stress free and enjoy your vacation.

  1. Travel plans - Expect changes on travel itinerary and don't assume that everything will be as per your plan. It is better to make backup plans as well.
  2. Airport parking - Do not assume that you would get an empty parking lot in the airport or easy navigation through it. So, keep time in hand so that you don't have to panic while looking for a suitable car parking space.
  3. Your baggage - Putting whatever you want in the carry-on baggage may not be a wise thing; as per TSA rules, you're not allowed to carry gels and liquids more than 3.4 ounce in your carry-ons. Also, before booking a flight check out whether or not you need to pay a fee for the checked baggage.

Though it's fun and enjoyment to make your travel plans in the last moment and there are certain advantages too, yet from next time try to make your travel arrangements early. Doing so, you will get more options and you'll also get ample time to research about the destination(s) and can pack your bags accordingly well in advance.

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