How can you look glamorous with right makeup and budget?

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By: Good Nelly
on 24th Oct,2014

Women get confused or simply overwhelmed when it comes to beauty products. Everybody dreams to look at their best.
How can you look glamorous with right makeup and budget?

Women get confused or simply overwhelmed when it comes to beauty products. Everybody dreams to look at their best. But the point is at what cost have you decided to have nice looks. As per the study by YWCA, 2008, women spend $7 billion on cosmetics each year. On the other hand, a study by Statista explains that "the cosmetics industry in the United States is expected to have close to a whopping $59 billion in revenue in 2014." Spending a huge amount of money is not a big deal for many people. But, some people really want to know the other option where they can manage beauty products and also save some money.

At first, I will explain why people are paying so much for branded or high-end makeup products? Generally, high-end designer makeup is more expensive than drug store counter part for many reasons:

Brand, brand and brand

When brand name is attached, then it means that it will cost you far more than drugstore counterpart. Brand symbolizes status, so you should spend some extra money to become a brand conscious person.

Designer makeup offer applicators

Consumer get better application devices with designer makeup. Thus, they can pick the right makeup pallette. So, this is a prime reason why high end designer make up cost much more than other.

High quality packaging requires high price

There is a significant difference in packaging between designer makeup and drugstore products. Nice packaging and attractive flashy tubes will cost some extra money.

Everyone has their own priorities. However, spending more money doesn't always mean you'll look better. If you're not so rigid about your signature, designer lipstick then, you can easily save some bucks on your cosmetics following these tips.

1. Ask for sample to save your dollar

If you're buying makeup from a salon and a store, then ask for sample and check if the products will suit your skin. Try the product for some days before buying. Try to check the color (foundation and lipstick) in sunlight to understand the actual shade.

2. Grab the gift with every purchase

If you get any notification mail in your inbox or facebook account that your favorite store is offering gift on makeup purchase, then grab the deal. Try to stock up your makeup but be sure that the expiry date is not very close.

3. Give priority to your need

Do not buy all makeup products out there. As example, if you look cool only with eyeliner and a high-end lipstick, then invest money on it. Don't waste money on foundation, blush, mascara as your look doesn't need them. Similarly, if your skin looks amazing with a good shade of foundation and a deep colored lipstick, then skip other things. The main point is if you want to look good and also save dollar, then try to imagine your makeup priorities instead of buying all makeup products. Go for best quality makeup which is really required to enhance your look. Thus, you can trim your budget and avoid makeup mess as well.

4. Buy makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are a must when you want to apply foundation or eye shadow flawlessly and save money as well. Try to spend some more bucks on quality brushes to save money in the long run. Try to keep them clean and wash the used brushes and applicator in every 1 month and soak the extra water in a clean towel.

5. Have a look on expiration dates

Expiration dates vary on products. You can keep eye make up such as mascara for only three month whereas dry makeup (blush, concealer) stay for two years. So, if you think, you can't finish the product before the date, then buy cheaper brand instead of high-end brand. Thus, you can save money as well.

6. Checkout for festive offer and deals

Generally, many cosmetic companies announce special deals and offers in festive season such as Christmas, Mother's Day. So, don't miss the opportunity if your preferred brands announce for sales or deals.

7. Take care of your beauty products

If you really care for your money, then you need to care of your products also. Don't throw away the product after seeing a crack on a compact lid or eye shadow kit. Just replace the product in a sterilized jar with a lid and continue to use it instead of throwing it away. On the other hand, if you lose the lid of your expensive lipstick, then simply use another lid. In case, you break the lipstick, then try to use a brush and continue to use the lipstick. Your hard earned money needs your care to utilize it in future.

8. Consider beauty school for a short term event

If you want to dress up for an event (wedding party, office party), then there is no need to buy all makeup products. Try to go to a beauty school and ask any student to do your makeup. Thus, you get a free makeover. Many beauty schools are open for free makeup (as the practical class for their students). Carry your basic makeup in case you need for touch up later.

Lastly, looking glam doesn't always need a huge price tag. If you're a brand conscious person, then point out which makeup you use most of the time and invest money on the concerned brands. First, determine how many products are needed and affordable for you, and fix your budget accordingly. If you like to stay within your limit, get a then you can maintain your makeup habit and the good health of your wallet as well.

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