How frugally you can arrange a Valentine's day getaway

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 11th Feb,2016

Learn 6 ways to celebrate the Valentine’s day with your partner in a frugal manner.
Valentine's day gateaway

Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples of any age group. We always look forward to spend this exciting week with someone special. But, we must also admit that it’s one of the most expensive little holidays we all celebrate and can't ignore. Sometimes, these costs may harm our daily budget and the habit of paying bills on time. So, are you looking forward to spend this Valentine’s Day with your special person in a budget-friendly way? Not sure? I'll tell you how:

First of all, be calm and stress-free. Remember, you are with someone who has a special place in your heart and life. So, you mustn’t hurt his or her feelings just being stressed. Just keep aside all your financial problems, debt burden, or any other issues.

So, let's get started with these below-given tips, which can help you dream up a fantastic but economical Valentine's Day this year:

1. Make plans

One way to save money on dining, entertainment, or living in a hotel is to make plans. Hotel booking charges increase on the basis of demand and vacancy. The more you wait to reserve your room at this time, the more rooms will be occupied, and the regular prices will go higher, almost beyond your reach. So, reserve your name for the room, dining and any kind of entertainment show like a musical theater, fashion show, or movie, etc. You can also save money with the Entertainment Book. The Entertainment Book is available in select stores throughout North America and it offers good discounts on hotels, food, and entertainment prices.

2. Save money dinner with gift certificates sells gift certificates which you can use in any restaurants throughout the country. You have to buy the gift certificates from their website, it'll take a minimum price. The gift certificates are frequently available with a good discount. It's the best deal for dining on Valentine's Day.

3. Try a package deal

At the time of booking your room, ask the hotel administration if they're offering any packages or not. You may find an offer that includes lodging, dining, and entertainment at a discounted price. Make your research and check out each pricing separately before booking, choose the best package deal according to your preference.

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4. Stay close to home

You can explore your hometown on this occasion. Valentine’s Day delivers the best time n' scope to be a tourist and explore your hometown. Check out the local shops, hotels, and parks. Have dinner at any local joint and enjoy the night independently in your bed. You really don’t need to spend $75 to $350 on a romantic dinner at a costly restaurant. You can order a special meal in advance and pick it up on your way home at the end of your daytime exploration. By doing this, you can save the cost of traveling, you'll save gas, you'll save high lodging or food cost easily.

5. Try to gift a thoughtful gift

Most people think a “GIFT” means only the same old red roses, heart shaped chocolates, love cards, maybe a piece of jewelry like a ring or pendant, etc. Don't you want to gift something different that might mean a whole lot more to your loved one?

How about making your own gifts? You can cook some special items for your partner like cakes, cookies, pie, or, if possible, make the whole dinner for the night. Trust me, your partner will remember this for a long time. You can also prepare a photo album with both of your old pictures as a gift if you are staying at home; decorate the house with candles and sparkles, etc. Gift something that can touch your partner’s heart, not your wallet.

6. Visit an off-peak destination

If both of you have planned earlier to travel outside the town on a getaway, then consider going to off-peak destinations such as Iceland, Bucharest, Denver, etc. You can get heavy discounts if you visit these places in winter. Just double check the timing, and pack your stuff for the long journey.

I hope the above tips will ease up your confusion about spending an economical Valentine's Day. Remember, you have a financial crunch, you seriously don’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day on that February 14th. Your partner will surely understand your situation if you both have a strong bonding between yourselves. Save enough money first and then celebrate after this lover’s holiday.

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