How students can go green and save money

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By: MarieGarcia
on 15th Jun,2015

So, you, as a responsible parent, should imbibe good habits and teach them to your children too.
How students can go green and save money


It is said that student life is the right age to learn new things and to adopt good habits. So, you, as a responsible parent, should imbibe good habits and teach them to your children too. One such habit is going green and saving money in the process. This article discusses how you can teach your child to go green and save environment and in turn, save money.

  • Exchanging books with others: When your child is promoted to the next class, you can ask his/her underclassmen if someone is interested to use your child's books. Similarly, you can ask the upperclassmen if they can hand over the books to your child which they won't require anymore. You can even ask you child to read from digital textbooks if it's a suitable option. In this way, you can save money as well as environment, as lots of trees are cut to make papers. 
  • Reusing stationeries of previous years: Instead of buying new supplies every year for your child, you can tell him/her to reuse the old ones if they're in usable condition. So, before you hit the stores, check out whether or not certain items (such as, magnets, locker shelves, backpacks, pencils, staplers, etc.) can be reused. Even if you buy new stationeries, try buying recycled items. It is advisable that you buy items after the session starts. By doing so, your child gets to know about the online resources and can avoid buying papers and file folders in excess.
  • Sharing appliances with roommates: If your child is staying in a hostel, then he/she can share appliances with roommates instead of buying all. To do so, at first one needs to check out what his/her roommate is buying, have a discussion and buy other items. In this way, both of them san save money by sharing big items like microwave, refrigerator, blow dryer, etc., and save electricity and space as well. You can also ask your child to rent a microwave from a company that the institution recommends and return it at the end of the year. In this way, huge amount of money can be saved.
  • Carpooling to go to school: Instead of riding a bike, you can ask your child to opt for carpooling or walk to college if it's nearby. As an alternative, you can rent bikes instead of using a car in the campus. If your child walks to school, then it'll also help him/her to stay healthy.
  • Using a power strip to save electricity: You can gift a power strip to your child and ask him/her to connect all the electronic appliances to it. Explain the importance of such a strip and tell your child to turn it off when he/she is not using desk lamps, laptops, etc. In this way, they can learn saving electricity right from young age.

Last but not the least, practice what you're teaching your child as far as possible, as otherwise, it'll be difficult to imbibe good habits in your children.

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