How you can get an air travel ticket at a comparatively lesser price

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By: MarieGarcia
on 26th May,2015

However, you can follow certain strategies to reduce the cost of your air tickets.
How you can get an air travel ticket at a comparatively lesser price


The airfares are increasing day by day. However, you can follow certain strategies to reduce the cost of your air tickets. Go through this article and check out 4 tips which you can follow to buy air travel tickets at comparatively lesser price.

1.    Be flexible with your travel plans 

Often, changing the time and day of your flight may help you save dollars. The ticket for the same flight may be relatively cheaper on weekdays in comparison to weekends. You may also find a cheaper ticket on Saturdays instead of Sundays. Even if you have to extend your vacation by one day, the amount you save on an air ticket may offset the cost of hotel accommodation and food for one day. However, even if you have to travel on a particular day, check the airfare that the airline is offering on its various flights (to the same destination) in a day. The cost of the tickets may not be the same. So, if you can move your departure time by about one hour, then you may save significant amount on your airline ticket.

2.    Change your travel route if required

Apart from being flexible with the day and time of your travel, you can save a considerable amount of money if you are ready to change your travel route. It goes without saying that everyone wants to travel directly from the origin to the destination, as fast as possible. However, the airlines' often give discounts if you opt for connecting flights to the destination instead of non-stop flights. Doing so, it may take a few more hours to reach your destination but the amount you save may be worth it.

3.    Browse through social media websites

Browsing through social media websites may help you buy an air ticket at an affordable price. Such websites sometimes offer last-minute offers at a remarkably reduced price. It is advisable that your browse through the social media websites before buying a ticket even if you have signed up for frequent-flyer travel programs. This is because the airlines are nowadays offering the last minute deals in the social websites as they think e-mails are too slow. Check out tips to make last-minute travel arrangements.

4.    Roundtrip airfare may not always be the cheapest

Do you think that the roundtrip airfare is always the cheapest option? It may not always be true. Sometimes, one way tickets may be cheaper if you need to take multi segment flights within a country and you're traveling with a single airline. So, compare the roundtrip airfare and one way tickets before you make the reservations.

Last but probably the most important tip is to shop around and compare prices before you buy a ticket. Before purchasing a ticket, browse through several travel websites along with the airlines' own websites and compare which one is giving you the best deal.


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