Make a fantastic impression on your job interview with 7 strategies

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By: Good Nelly
on 27th Sep,2016

of the company. In fact, you may not get the job altogether.
Make a fantastic impression on your job interview with 7 strategies

After several days of browsing through the job portals, sending out the resumes, visiting various consultancies; you finally get a call for the job interview. Your heart is filled with happiness and your mind is thinking about the things you'll do after getting the first paycheck. All your problems seem to come to an end, right? Wrong! You haven't secured the job yet. You'll get the job only after making a great impression upon your potential employer. You'll have to show that you're the best candidate for the position.

Pleasing personality and good communication skill will help you to some extent, but smart skills and strategies will help you make a good impression on the interview.

Read along to know about how you can give a stellar performance on your job interview.

Employ right strategies to have a good interview

Right strategies along with killer attitude can help you land up with a job after your interview.

Check out 7 strategies which you need to employ to impress your interviewer:

1. Know where you're going to work:

Visit the official website of the company and go to the section. Find out the mission, employee strength, projects, special achievements, etc. of the company. Contact the HR officer and know about your job profile in advance.

2. Assemble all the documents:

You'll need to give some to the HR officer at the time of interview. So, ensure that you assemble and carry all the relevant documents with you.

The documents you need to carry are:

  • Contact details of the company
  • Photocopies of your curriculum vitae
  • Blank papers for taking down notes
  • Your work samples

3. Dress smartly and soberly:

There is a proverb called first impression is the last impression. Proper dress code can help you make a great first impression. Visit the company's website to know about the work culture and environment of the company. Experts say that women should wear a neat skirt and blouse whereas the men should opt for a clean suit accompanied by a tie.

4. Arrive at the right time:

Don't be late on your job interview. It will make a terrible impression upon the interviewer. In fact, you may not get the job altogether.

Reach the venue 30 minutes before the interview.

Don't usher into the reception desk after reaching the destination. Take some time to comb your hair and re-touch your make up.

Enter the lobby 5-10 minutes before the interview.

You don't want to look utterly desperate for the job.

5. Convince the interviewer:

You'll have to convince the interviewer that you're the best candidate for the job within a very short span of time. You'll have to explain your skills, talent, academic qualification, past working experience, etc. to the interviewer.

You'll have to say why you're interested to work in the company.

6. Give the right answers:

The interviewers ask a set of questions to almost all the interviewees. You can get an idea about these questions from the Internet only. Prepare your answers for the questions from beforehand. Just make sure you don't give a boring answer to the question.

It is best to give job specific answers.

If the interviewer asks you to tell about yourself, then don't reveal your life story. Rather, talk about your work experience and extra-curricular activities.

Stay relaxed while giving answers to the questions. Don't get nervous and start stammering. Employers don't like to recruit people who are not confident about themselves. On the other hand, don't be over confident or aggressive.

7. Ask smart questions:

At the end of the interview, ask a smart question to the interviewer. For instance, ask about your job profile in details. Know what exactly you'll have to do in the company. Avoid asking questions about wage and
other related things.

Employers like to recruit people who can join the company right away.

So, don't make any delay in accepting the job offer. Accept the phone calls from the HR officer and give quick replies to the emails. Seal the deal before anyone snatches it away.

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