Mother’s Day: How can you pamper your mom spending only $40

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 3rd May,2016

You can make your mom happy staying within your budget. How? Check out the article.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! The exceptional day when your mom wouldn’t say “why did you buy this or that for me? You could have saved the money for your future!” Yes, moms are always like that. Mom teaches us the importance of money, saving more, and living frugally that she always loves to follow.

But, at least, there are some special days like Woman’s Day, Mother’s Day when you can pamper your mom in your own way. You can write a special note for her showing your love, you can move out for a picnic with her, you can gift her a dress, a wristwatch, and much more.

Last year, almost 84% of Americans celebrated Mother’s Day. A person spent $173 and total $21.2 billion was spent on Mother's Day gift. I think people spent a lot of money on Mother’s Day. They can make their mom happy by spending less amount of money as well. But, before exploring the ideal gift at a cheaper rate, we should know a mom’s wish on her big day.

What does a mom want?

A mom always says no to a gift, but she deserves a gift that from our heart. A recent infographic and a survey revealed some gifts that a mom could choose as her gift.

If Mom could choose Mother’s Day gift!
Flowers 76%
Plants 64%
Candy 42%
Jewelry 44%

I think, the list is amazing. This list again proves that moms are frugal lovers.

Do you know what your mom wants?

It has been seen that many children fail to give a perfect gift that their mom wants. Presenting some stats to know what your mom wants for her big day. The list is pretty long, and you'll get your answer.

What your mom want to receive from you
Homemade gift 36%
Dinner 34.8%
A greeting card 31.5%
Gift card 24.7%
Flowers 22.5%
Jewelry 11.2%
Books 10.1%
Spa 7.9%
Clothing 5.6%
Music 5.6%
Movie 5.6%
Outing 4.5%
Gadgets 3.4%

Where most of the Americans shop the gift for moms

Online shopping has become a trend now, but the departmental stores and specialty stores are still the winners as per the stats.

Where to shop the gift
Departmental store 33%
Speciality store 28%
Online 25%
Discount store 25%
Speciality clothing store 8%
Catalog 3%

Who tend to spend the most on Mother’s Day

According to the stats, in the US, younger people tend to spend the most on Mother’s Day. Younger Americans love to buy gifts for their moms than older people.

Age Amount
18-24 $215
25-34 $244
35-44 $186
45-54 $157
55-64 $122
65 $121


Some suggestions to make your mom happier

  • Try to visit your mom in person.
  • Attach a personal letter inside of your store bought card.
  • For sons: Give some handmade items instead of gadgets.
  • For daughter: Cook some favorite dishes of your mom to enjoy a nice dinner together instead of giving only flowers.
  • Include your dad in the plan to make your mom happier

How to make your mom happy by spending only $40

Being a financial writer, I would always love to give ideas that are inexpensive and not a budget buster. And, I am sure that your mom will love the ideas. Here you go:

1. Arrange a dinner for her

Usually, most of the restaurants offer deals and discount on a special Day. Mother’s Day is not an exception. However, eating out and spending $40 per person on dinners are costly. These offers are still costlier than home made dinners. Above all, you may have to wait in the restaurant's lobby for long for the dinner. If you treat your mom like a queen, then you must put some extra effort. Try to take care of all the meals for the day if you really want to make her special. For a grand dinner, choose her most favorite dishes, wine or drink. Don’t forget about the ambiance. Put on some nice music that she likes and pamper your mom at home.

How can you cut the cost?

Planning a special dinner at home is inexpensive, and you don’t have to deal with the crowd, and tip. You can also avoid expensive add-ons like drinks, desserts, and so on.

2. Give her a thoughtful gift certificate

A mother is always busy at home. She really deserves a nice day out, time-to-time. This, Mother’s Day, try to make her free from all the household chores. How can you do it? You just need to buy a gift card for a spa or a restaurant, garden store, coffee shop, etc. that she loves most. This is how you can make her feel that the day is for her only.

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How can you cut the cost?

Usually, a gift card costs $25 to $35 for the restaurant or a little more for a spa. However, it will depend on the services they provide. By giving a gift card, you can make your mom happy as she can use it as per her choice.

3. Flowers for your mom

Nothing can beat a bunch of flowers. Pick a bunch of gorgeous flowers for your mom to bring a sweet smile on her face. Buy the flowers from your local florist. If you directly buy the flowers instead of sending a bouquet through a delivery man, then your mom will be happier. You can craft a basket to carry the flowers. Thus, you can avoid all the extra costs of ribbons, bows as well as delivery.

How can you cut the cost?

Average costs of customized flower bouquets are $25-$50. However, with the little trick you’ll be able to get nice flowers at the cheapest rate. Usually, florist charges a little more on Mother’s Day for a bouquet. But, you can reserve a bouquet to avoid higher charges. Try to check coupon websites to get a deal on flowers.

4. Make her life easier

Your mom is getting older, she needs more time to take rest and take care of herself. Why don’t you give some kitchen appliances to reduce her kitchen timing? Thus, she’ll get more time for yoga class, rest, nap time, and so on. Buy, a blender, crock-pot, or steamer, etc. You can ask your mom about her choice as well.

How can you cut the cost?

You don’t need to spend a thousand bucks on the items. The average costs of kitchen appliances are $25-$45. Catch the sales or deals to get the appliances at the lower price.

Final thoughts

Remember, spending a thousand dollars doesn’t reflect your love and affection for your mother. Your love, respect, and appreciation will reflect by the time you spend with her and help her with daily household chores. You can make her happy by staying within your budget so, you must be sure that she is in good health, or there are no such issues that are troubling her. This is how you can be a great child of her.

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