Quit your job at the right time: 6 Signs that help you to do so

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By: Good Nelly
on 27th Sep,2016

These are certainly not good things. As far assignments are concerned, you can request your boss to designate another project to you.
Quit your job at the right time: 6 Signs that help you to do so

You can enlist a number of reasons why you don't like your present job. Some of the most predictable reasons are - you're not getting any interest in your assignments, your boss is too pushy, your colleague is un-cooperative, etc. These are certainly not good things. However, one wouldn't give too much importance to these problems as they're temporary. This is because you can work out your relationship with your boss/co-worker at anytime. As far assignments are concerned, you can request your boss to designate another project to you.

Nevertheless there are some signs which reveal a completely different story. These signs indicate that your job problems are serious. You can't solve those problems with time.

Check out the 6 signs that indicate you should submit your resignation letter to your employer:

1. You're spending more time in social networking websites

You're spending most of your time in chatting with friends through social networking websites. You're either tweeting in Twitter or liking comments in Facebook.

These things indicate that you've lost interest in your job.

It's time you find a job that is more interesting than social networking websites.

2. You're not getting what you actually deserve

Money is important. You need it to run your family. In addition to that, you need to get what you actually deserve.

If you're devoting 8-10 hours of your day on various projects and not making enough money, then there is a major problem.

You won't feel motivated to work. You won't feel like giving your best effort in the long run. So, if your boss is not paying you well, then it's time to look for a job that will look after your financial needs very well.

3. You're not given proper recognition

Money and appreciation are the 2 main things that help you stay motivated. You need to feel appreciated for the effort you're giving to your tasks. However, you're noticing that your employer is not giving proper recognition to you. Your co-workers are getting promotion, but you're left out. You're having doubts upon yourself. You're thinking if you're a valuable employee to your boss.

Your boss is not giving any notice to your achievements. This is a sign that you won't be promoted in future.

If the company where you're working doesn't acknowledge your contribution, then it's time to move on.

4. You're doing the same thing every other day

You're doing the same kind of job every day. There is nothing new to learn from this company. You're getting same types of projects and assignments. You've reached the saturation point in this company.

If you see that your work progress has slowed down because of lack of challenges, then start looking for a job that'll help to enhance your skill.

This will eventually help to accelerate your job growth.

5. Attrition ratio in your company is quite high

If some employees are quitting job in every month, then there is a problem in management of the company.

It may be the case that employees are not satisfied with their salary and company benefits. The company is always looking for new people to fill up the vacant positions.

This is not a good sign. It stalls the productivity and growth of the company. This is because the new people will take time to become efficient workers.

6. You don't feel like going to the office

You feel sick and disgusted every morning. You don't want to go to your work place. You don't feel like seeing the faces of your boss and co-workers. You just drag yourself to office every day. This is a very bad sign. It means that something is not at all right.

You find that your co-workers are not at all happy. They are always complaining against each other. The work environment is pathetic. You can't focus on work as there is so much negativity. In such a situation, it is better to change your job. A toxic work environment will never allow you to increase your productivity.

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