Tips on tipping: The best way to show your gratitude within budget

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 17th Nov,2016

How much is accepted as a holiday tip? This is probably the most common question during festive season for all Americans.
Tips on tipping: The best way to show your gratitude within budget

How much is accepted as tip during the holidays? This is probably something very important that makes us thoughtful during the festive season. Giving return gifts to the service providers has become a holiday tradition. However, you may see yourself in a big puzzle box while thinking about the tip amount.

You don't need to panic just because you've already spent a lot of money on gifts, clothes, and other holiday supplies as your simple acts of gratitude aren't going to break your bank. The main thing you need to take care of is that you don't exceed your budget.

Some useful tips while tipping your service providers

Holiday tippings are appreciable during holidays. Getting extra money works as motivation for all of us including hairdressers, housekeepers, caregivers, nanny, teachers, and so on. Giving a tip is an etiquette. But it doesn't make sense spending extravagantly on gifts. If you're unable to give cash to your service provider, then there's nothing wrong to show your gratitude with a card or a small note wishing good luck wealth and health.

1. Don't cross your spending limit

Tips are always admired, but they're not compulsory. You cannot be forced to give tips to your service provider. If you're handling a limited amount of money, then you do not need to give cash as tips.

2. Set a plan beforehand

Set a budget plan beforehand to avoid any sudden shortage of cash during the holiday season. Moreover, this will help you shortlist your needs to tip, and at the same time you can also track your total spending once the holidays are over. Try to make a realistic budget so that you can make all happy.

3. Make your own rules

If you've a limited budget for tipping purpose, then you need to set some criteria. As an example, in case you've served an average quality meal at a restaurant, then you can skip the tip due to low-quality service. On the other hand, if you find the service is taking too long to be completed and you're not much happy with the service provider's work, then you're not bound to thank them.

4. Be organized

Try to put the tip inside a sealed card especially used in festive season and leave a handwritten note with some appreciative lines for their support and service.

How much and to whom should you be thankful?

If you're really dependent on a day care provider, then he or she deserves a reward from you. You should show your gratitude to the teacher for his or her hard work. And what about the Boss? How to make him or her happy in his festive season? Here goes the table which will be your best guide for this festive season. Have a look:

Who deserve tip from you Choices/ options Suggestions
Babysitter Cash/small gift from your kid/gift certificate If cash, then not more than one or two evening's pay
Nanny Personal gift from your kids/ cash You can give cash not more than 1 week's pay
Boss Simple gift/ free card/gratitude gesture Ask your co-staff if they all want to contribute money to buy a nice gift for the boss. Sometimes no gift will be the best option. Just wish him or her to show your honor.
Building Handyman Cash/ gift Cash but not more than $40
Pet sitter Cash/small gift Cash of one day's service
Housecleaner Cash/ gift Not more than one week's pay or gifts
Beauty salon person Cash/ gift Not more than one salon visit cost/ one haircut cost. Or maybe a nice gift
Children's Teacher Thoughtful gift, restaurant gift certificate/coffee shop gift card, picture frame, a homemade gift by the kids Ask your kids about their choice. Give priority to their thoughts while choosing gift for their teacher

Suggestions for tip givers

  1. Don't apologize if you can't afford cash as tip to your service providers this year. Remember they will also appreciate your heartiest gifts such as homemade jelly or walnut fudge, homemade craft, a basket full of candies etc.
  2. If you're not sure if the tip is legally or officially accepted or not, then ask the company about their holiday thanking policy and process.

Bottom lines

You'll never get any strict rules of tipping in the market. It is a decorum of your own to express your gratitude. So, don't make it commercial or take it as a competition. It is not a thing to exaggerate while talking with another regarding this. Try to reward the person who deserve it.

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