Watch out for a job when you are dissatisfied with your employer

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By: Good Nelly
on 11th May,2015

Try to not search for the new jobs at your office. You can give a reply to the mails of the potential employers.
Watch out for a job when you are dissatisfied with your employer

You're in a good position if you have job in this sluggish
economy. However, if you're tremendously dissatisfied with your present job -
be it money, job profile, work environment or company policy, start looking for
another job. In fact, a large section of the citizens who got laid off between
August 2010 and December 2011 are people who have voluntarily resigned from
their jobs.

If you're terribly disappointed with your present job, then
it is better to start looking for another job in your city. However, make sure
you conduct your job search tactfully. Don't reveal your intension to your
co-workers for they can report it to the higher authority. Be prepared to make
bold decisions within a short span of time.

 Go through the article to know about the tips to land with a
great job.  

 Start looking for a
job when you're disappointed with your boss

 Check out the tips to get a good job when you want a change
in your career:

 1. Select the right
You should not handover your resignation letter just at anytime. A
wrong decision at the wrong time can ruin your career. Find out the right time
to quit your job. You can put down your paper under the following

  • Your employer is terminating employees every other day
  • There is no development in the company
  • Your wage is not hiked even after performing very well
  • The financial reports of the company are not improving
  • You're not satisfied with your job profile
  • Your values don't mach with the company's ideals
  • You have a terrible relationship with your boss

 2. Search for a job
It can be a bit tricky to search for a new job when you're doing a
9-5 job. Try to not search for the new jobs at your office. You'll be in a big
mess if your co-worker or boss catches you
uploading resumes in the job portals.

 You can update your resume and submit it in various job
at home. You can give a reply to the mails of the potential employers. You
can go for the interviews after the office hours or in the half days. This way
you don't have to take a leave after making excuses. Keep it in mind that your
potential employer knows that you're employed. So, you must not hesitate to
schedule the interviews in the weekends. The potential employer will like the
fact that you're a dedicated employee.

 Avoid giving office phone number and email address to the
recruiters. Give your personal cell phone number and email address.

 3. Be careful while
revealing your secret:
It is not a wise idea to reveal your intention to
your employer and the co-workers in the company. You may share a cordial
relation with your colleagues. However, one of the co-workers may report your
intention to the management to get into good books of the company. Don't
share your feelings with your boss unless he/she is a well-wisher. 

Usually, your employer won't come to know that you're
searching for a job unless you confide in him. However, if your boss comes to
know that you're giving interviews at various companies, give a smart reply.
Just tell that you want to know your position in the current job market.

Finally, if you're not satisfied with your job profile, then
it does not mean that you'll have to bid goodbye to the company. You can talk
with your employer about a suitable position. Watch out for the opportunities
in your own company before looking at other firms. Share your strengths and
interests with your boss or the HR manager of the company. It may help you get
your desired profile.


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