Why does a seasonal job is considered as a worthy option?

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By: Sanders Patricia
on 6th Dec,2016

Seasonal jobs are beneficial for earning dollars. However, it has many pros and cons too. Check out the article to know why you should consider a seasonal job this holiday season.

The holiday season has arrived; like every year, retailers are setting up for the shopping days and so does some seasonal job opportunities are coming your way. Hiring temporary employees is a must to stock up holiday essentials as well as to meet huge customer demand.

WLFI-TV reports, that nearly 770,00 seasonal employees will get hired, which will break last 20 years' record. Mostly retails and distribution jobs are open in this holiday season.

Seasonal jobs are enticing to earn some fast cash. However, you should always be aware of its advantages and disadvantages before getting hired.

The benefits of getting a seasonal job

1 Get opportunity to upgrade your skills

Knowing something new is always beneficial to stay updated. If you have been out of the workforce for a certain reason, then a seasonal job can give you a chance to upgrade your skills. Also mention in your resume the training you have provided and job responsibilities you've met.

2 Earn a decent remuneration

Some students hate to sit idle after the term ends. Sitting idle means no money in hand, so no financial independence and in turn, no cash cushion for the future.

3 Seasonal jobs pay well

If you know how to budget and spend, then you'll be able to set aside money as well. Saving money in the early stage of your career will give you financial freedom in the future.

4 Become a potential job seeker

An employer may ask you the reason for remaining jobless at the time of the interview. If you are unable to give proper reasons, your application may get rejected.

Reasons can be many, but if you do a seasonal job, your resume will show your sincerity towards work. So, don't let your resume unpromising to the employer. So learn new things and open the door for more opportunities.

5 Seasonal jobs may turn into a full-time job

If the company you work for needs to fill a vacancy, you may get a full-time job offer from the employer depending on your hard work and performance.

6 Opportunity to learn about the company

All glitters are not gold. You'll find many companies who claim good work culture. However, the truth varies.

So, working as a part-timer can give you the opportunity to know the company well.

If the work doesn't suit you, you can leave. However, leaving a full-time job within a short span can mark you as an unpromising job seeker.

7 Build up a strong network

Getting connected with a variety of people may open a big opportunity for you. You can get a full-time job interview while doing the seasonal job.

Seasonal jobs help to get connected with many potential employers who can hire you for mainstream jobs.

8 Doing something is better than remaining jobless

Work gives power to become independent and earn dollars. You might have to wait to get your dream job; but in the meantime, you’ll have to pay your monthly bills. Having no job for a long time can make the situation worse. So, welcome every opportunity to earn.

The disadvantages of a getting a seasonal job

Opportunities are like a coin; it has two sides, good and bad. Getting a seasonal job has some disadvantages too. Have a look:

Shortage of free/personal time

Managing both the full-time and a seasonal job can kill your free time or social life. If you have been hired for a seasonal job, your holiday parties or travel plan may get interrupted as well.
So, before accepting a seasonal job, make sure you can meet the employer's expectation.

No time for career advancement

If you're looking for a full-time job, engaging in a seasonal job may delay your venture. You may not get time for appearing an interview for a full-time job. So, understand your priority before considering a seasonal job.

No benefits, no perks

A seasonal job doesn't provide attractive benefits (like health insurance, retirement benefits) that are available in a traditional job profile. You'll not get some perks like (company leaves, outings) as well.

Basic training or no training

Don't expect a full-fledged training after getting hired for a seasonal job. Most of the employers don't provide training to the seasonal employees. You may get a basic training on your day-to-day tasks after joining.

However, if the job profile requires thorough training, then you may learn new skills on your training.

Final words

Despite the disadvantages, seasonal jobs are worthy to experience something new. Seasonal jobs are also good for those who are looking for a career change. Give it a chance this year to discover a better yourself.

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