Why widows and senior women face trouble with Social Security claims

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By: NathanielCopeland
on 20th Nov,2015

Times are harsh and the economy is not particularly favoring any section of the population.
Why widows and senior women face trouble with Social Security claims

Times are harsh and the economy is not particularly favoring any section of the population. The younger generation is drowning in student loan debt while the middle aged citizens of the nation has been brutally hit by rising inflation rates and downsizing. Possibly the worst affected section of the population are those over 60 years of age. Health care costs combined with the latest series of economic woes has rendered their financial condition extremely difficult.

Social security forms the financial backbone of the majority of retirees in the country. The Social Security system is devised in a manner such that delaying the process of claiming benefits by a certain number of years yields greater gains. More often than not, financial advisors generally end up overestimating or underestimating the appropriate time to claim social security benefits.

The real problem with the social security system lies in how it treats each gender differently. More than half of the women over the age of 65 depend on Social security benefits for nearly three fourths of their income. For senior citizens and especially women, timing the social security claim can be ruled by multiple factors like savings, other income streams and in general, health.

Although one can start claiming Social Security benefits by the age of 62, delaying the claim till the age of 70 will derive the maximum possible distribution. The real problem for elder women, especially for those who have not been employed substantially, is the fact that their social security benefits are absolutely based on their partner's earnings.

The actual problem stems from the fact that the question of these women's welfare is completely neglected by financial advisors and social security experts in favor of their husband's finances. No heed is paid to the impact of how and when to claim social security has on older women, especially given the fact that women tend to outlive men substantially.

Therefore, the only good and probable solution for eliminating the problem for unemployed women above the age of 62 and especially for widows in the same age bracket is to implement social security claiming advice which specifically takes into consideration two factors:

    Women statistically live longer than men do and therefore Social Security claim timings should reflect that fact and the timing should be delayed as long as possible to a maximum of 70 years of age for the recipient.

    The educational material published by the government on the subject of social security needs a drastic overhaul wherein the material should strive to make the general public aware of the various nuances of the Social Security benefit system.

There are more or less two particular reasons which have culminated in giving rise to this unique set of gender based financial issue. Generally, as most financial advisers concur, the calculations are solely based on the sole breadwinner of a family or a couple. Moreover, the general awareness material pertaining to Social Security benefits and claims which is circulated by the government has not contained quality content. Therefore, the general public's awareness of how Social Security works and what it entails still continues to be elusive.

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