Are you too lazy to plan a budget? 5 tips for you...

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By: Good Nelly
on 26th Aug,2016

Are you too lazy to plan a budget? You can follow these tips to plan a monthly budget and have control over your money. Also check out tips on how to follow your budget, which you’ve planned, to save money every month.

Do you plan a budget? No? Then you’ll be delighted to know many Americans don’t plan a budget.

A poll from Gallup, in the year 2013, has revealed that about 32% of people plan a budget to keep a track of income and expenditure whereas only about 30% people plan long-term financial goals.

So, it is evident from this statistics that more than 30% don't even plan a monthly budget.

The survey also revealed that one in three Americans prepares a detailed household budget. And, this is not a new trend since a Gallup survey, conducted in 1951, had revealed that only about 40% Americans have a budget for household expenses.

Can the above statistics attribute to the fact that it is sheer laziness of people not to plan a budget? Or, people believe it's not worth spending the time to prepare and follow a budget.

Whatever be the reason, planning a budget is the first step to planning finances properly.

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5 Budgeting tips for lazy people

1 Use envelope to budget

If the idea of tabulating and counting don't interest you much, then you can try envelope budgeting. Just label some envelopes with the items on which you spend every month. Then, put dollars inside the envelopes. When you have to spend, take out money from the designated envelope. You shouldn't spend more than what's there in each envelope. This way, you can track where you're spending more.

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2 Take help of a budgeting software

There are several budgeting software available online. Some software apps will let you understand your spending patterns by showing you through a graph how you've spent your dollars. It helps you realize whether you've spent more; and if yes, where exactly you've spent more.

Such software can also let you compare your budget vs. community budget.

By comparing you get to know how good you're at planning a suitable budget.

3 Automate your savings

To automate your savings, you need to set priority. For example, if building an emergency fund is your primary concern, you should sign for automatically transferring a portion of your income into your emergency fund account. Likewise, if you're trying to clear your credit card debt, then automate transferring a certain amount towards your credit card account every month. This way, you'll attain your financial goals without worrying much.

4 Sign up for alerts to pay your bills

Advancement of technology has made it easier for lazy people to manage their finances. You can sign up for alerts to pay your bills. The banks and the service-based companies are offering such services to help their customers pay monthly bills. When you sign up for such services, you'll get mobile and email alerts to remind you to pay your bills.

5 Prepare a shopping list in your mobile

If you're like me, then you'll realize how difficult it is to remember to carry the list with you when you go shopping. It might also be the case that you're too lazy to prepare one. A simple solution for you - make a list on your mobile and save it. Thus, you have a basic list which can guide you when you go grocery shopping every week. Mobile also offers you the flexibility to add on items whenever you want to.

So, it's not difficult for you to plan a budget and follow it even if you're too lazy to do it. Just follow these simple strategies and you'll have control over your money.

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