Awkward money moments you can avoid

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 12th Apr,2016

There’s a list of some funny but awkward money moments that you can avoid easily.

People sometimes share several weird moments of their life in front of other people. We often overshare almost everything starting from sickness to dullness, humility to generosity, and even our diet chart with others. But, I strongly believe the most awkward moments come especially from money related matters.

Whether it is related to an investment decision or an application request for a loan, it can be pretty difficult to understand what and how to react next. That’s why I’ve enlisted few picky awkward money moments along with a few ideas about how you can manage them wisely and honestly.

1. Having a declined credit card

There is nothing more embarrassing than having a salesperson or a waiter notifying you about your declined credit card at the time of payment. The only way you could manage this awkward situation is to handle it calmly. You must have a word with the waiter or manager and make the payment. If the situation happened while you are at a departmental store, talk with the salesperson about your problem privately and arrange another form of payment. If you’re unable to pay that time, then settle the bill by other methods - ask any of your friends or family members to come and pay the bill for you. You can them later in the day. You can visit the nearest ATM to pull out cash also.

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2. A friend asking for money who is not reliable

This is a very confusing and tricky situation, but it isn't very hard to get out of this situation as it looks. Just tell him that you would like to help him out, but at that time, you are also having a financial crisis. So, it’ll not be possible for you to lend him that amount. There's no shame in telling him this as it's your money, and you have the full authority to decide whether you’ll provide him any help or not.

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3. Sharing the dinner check with a group

Dining out with several friends or a group of people is fun. But it’s also notable that a minor confusion will always arise when the check arrives. The organizer of the dinner must take the responsibility to split the bill evenly among the folks or may request for separate checks. You may ask for a separate bill, pay only for the items you’ve ordered. You can also go to the party after having some snacks. Attending those events with a semi-filled stomach, you can easily cut off your expenses by ordering an appetizer.

4. Company of a rich friend of yours

If you have any rich, famous close friend, I’m sure you’ll be facing problem to match up with his lifestyle. Whenever you both meet, there’s a probability that you end up spending way more than you can afford. As you can’t let him spend all the money in that evening, you’ll have to open your wallet out of a good gesture. You need to be straight and honest with him about your financial situation. Tell him that you’re on a tight budget and it’s not possible for you to spend as much as him. After that, let him decide what to do.

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5. Dining with co-workers

When you go out for a dinner with your colleagues and coworkers, it often becomes a confusion regarding who’ll pay the entire bill. Always decide to pay for your own food and drinks. If anyone is pushing you to pay the entire bill amount, have a look at the dinner check. If your boss is also dining with you, he or she might want to pay the bill. Just to be sure. Ask everybody if they are going to the ATM.

6. Lunch with a bad tipper

Suppose you are dining out with a friend and the waiter provided great service to you at the restaurant. You choose to share the bill with your friend and your friend also agreed to this. But suddenly you’ve noticed that your friend is leaving a really bad tip for the waiter. Now, what? Should you put some more to make it a good one or you just ask your friend to add some extra money? This is a very embarrassing situation. You can do one thing. You can complement the service he had provided to you and tell him that you’ll be leaving a really good tip for him. If you can, give the tip from your share and rethink sharing a dinner with your friend again!

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7. Pressure of contributing for a group gift

This one is very common. Whether it be in a family or office, we often receive such requests of contributing money for several occasions. It can be a family member’s birthday or wedding, or any co-worker’s marriage anniversary. Whatever it be, it still hurts to give $20-$30 while being in a budget, especially if it falls at the end of the month.

A simple solution for this issue would be to pick up a small present all by yourself and letting other know that you’re not contributing at all. Or you can send a free e-card with a nice birthday/anniversary message.

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