Extra room in budget for kids’ summer activities - Not required!

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By: Good Nelly
on 14th Dec,2016

Are you searching for fun summer activities for kids on a limited budget? Get to know about some frugal fun summer activities for kids.
Extra room in budget for kids’ summer activities - Not required!

First of all, keep the “I’m bored” phrase out of your kids’ vocabulary during these summer months. There are lots of things to do…

It’s summer; so, it's time to spend valuable time with your kids, and they are also looking for some real fun time!

If you've not planned anything and are worried that you'll have to make extra room in your budget, then you're wrong.

You can plan your kids' summer fun activities on a budget.

Even if you've planned a vacation, you can go through these frugal fun ideas to make your kids' summer vacation a memorable one.

Ask your kid to help you in cooking

Your kids will be more than happy to help you in cooking. Apart from learning to cook which will help them in future, it will also make them learn and appreciate healthy meals.

Studies have proved that it helps to sharpen basic maths skills since they learn to measure ingredients required in cooking.

Take your kids to the local library

You can take your kids to your nearest library and borrow books. Apart from books, you can also check out movies in these libraries. Your children can enjoy watching new movies without buying them.

Most of these libraries also have summer reading programs in which the kids can earn free books and prizes.

You can check out your nearest Barnes and Nobles for these reading programs, in which they award books to children, who can read a certain number of books and can fill out a journal, at free of cost.

Enroll your child in summer school classes

Though it's summer vacation, yet some schools arrange special educational and fun-time activities at usually nominal cost.

Sometimes, scholarships are also available for these summer classes.

By attending these classes, your children can improve their reading skills, music skills or they can take up some new sports or crafts, as well.

Colored spaghetti fun

A bag of spaghetti or pasta is much more than just a night’s dinner. While cooking noodles, add different food colors and mix them in a plate. Watch them smooshing, flinging, licking and eating the colorful food. You can make your babies sit in the high chair and watch them as they play and munch the noodles. Don't stop them. It won't be tough to clean the place afterward. Let their imagination fly.

Engage your kids in a photography project

It is quite obvious that your children will go to various places and will take pictures. Encourage them to take a different type of pictures during the entire summer vacation.

Explain and show them some albums and ask them to make a scrapbook or a storybook with these pictures and small write-ups.

They will enjoy and be involved in creating this. After a few years, they will thank you for encouraging them to create such a life long cherishable memory.

Encourage the little ones to draw with edible crayons

Edible crayons - Seems interesting… isn’t it? So, imagine how your child will feel to paint with them. Making these crayons is quite easy. Gather some food colors, beet juice, or any such colorful liquids and create ice crayons by putting these liquids in cylindrically shaped molds. When they freeze, give them to your children to paint as they want to.

Send your children to summer camps

Does the idea of children’s summer camps compel you to check your bank balance? Don’t worry.

Summer camps can be expensive as well as economical - you have to choose one keeping in mind your financial condition and your children’s interests.

A survey carried out by the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker, in the year June 2012, had revealed that the cost of summer child care ranged from $433 to $642.

Some statistics reveal that people spend quite a lot on children’s summer camps. In 2011, on an average, a summer camp costed about $400 per week. The cost increased to $550 for a full-day tennis camp, $650 for horse camp, and $375 for cool science camps. However, at the same time, the Rec and Park camps costed $200 and $100 per week.

So, analyze your financial condition and choose one that fits your budget.

You can choose from day camps, sleepaway camps, and specialty/private camps. Check out the details:

  • Sleepaway camp:

    As per ACA (American Camp Association), the weekly cost on an average of overnight camps are about $690 to $2,000. The pricing varies according to the activities your children want to participate. Also, include the traveling cost if the camp if far from your house.

  • Day camp:

    Many day camps are organized by the nonprofit organizations. They are the most affordable ones. Such camps cost around $100 to $500 a week. However, the for-profit camps can cost more than $500. However, you may qualify for a day camp for your child at absolutely free of cost.

  • Specialty/private camp:

    These camps usually offer more one-on-attention and specialized instructions to the campers, the prices are a bit higher than the typical day camps. It can range between $500 to $1,000 per week.

Set up a camp in your backyard

It is not mandatory that you have to send your children to the specialized summer camps. You can save the dollars without compromising with your kids' enjoyment and learning experience by setting up a camp in your backyard.

You can talk to the parents of your children's friends and can establish a camp together.

Each family can host the camp activities for a day. It'll be easier for you to plan the activities as well. Moreover, it's a golden opportunity to relive your childhood days once again!

So, without making a hole in your pocket, plan these fun summer activities for your kids.

Why not wake up the child within you and enjoy some of these activities with your kids?

Be rest assured that your children will cherish the time spent with you, and they'll wait for back to school time to share their experiences with their friends.

Happy planning your and your kids' summer fun activities!

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