Fabulous wedding on a budget: Real tricks to watch out for

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 1st Feb,2016

If you want to save money on your wedding, then you should plan earlier. There are many ways to save money on your wedding. Here are few of them.

Everyone wants to plan their wedding ceremony without sacrificing any of these stuff like food, fun, guests, decoration, and dress. Many people believe in leading a frugal life even when planning for the best event of their life, that is, marriage. It’s always a wise decision to plan a wedding that you can afford.

My best friend Julia’s wedding reception was held in Missouri, in March 2015. I was invited and experienced a low-cost reception party that was fully organized and full of fun. Later, I asked Julia how she planned everything in such an organized way. She told me that she had saved big on the wedding as well. I was shocked and ask how did she manage to do so? She explained in brief.

They decided (Julia and her fiance) earlier to plan a low-cost wedding as they’ve to sort out their student loan by next year. Both of them were determined about not wasting money on their wedding. Julia said, there is nothing wrong to rent a designer wedding dress and limit the guest list. She has saved a lot of money! What matters the most is happiness. There are many ways to save money on a wedding ceremony. Only you have to plan in a proper way. She shared some more tricks that helped her to save mon`ey for her wedding. Here are few of them:

Make a list of all expenses and finalize a budget

Sit with your spouse and decide how much money you and your fiance can afford for arranging a wedding reception. After that, make a list of all the expenses, including hidden costs like additional tables, staff tips, and extra decorations, etc. After making the list, calculate the total cost. If you find the total cost exceeding your budget, then you need to cut down the lower priority wish from your list.

Find a low-cost venue

Hotels, florists, and caterers tend to increase the cost of providing the service when they come to know that you’re seeking the service for a wedding ceremony. So, you shouldn’t reveal your excitement while talking with the vendors. Tell them that you’re planning for an event. Thus, you’ll be able to get a low-cost venue. Before finalizing, shop around to find a venue that suits your budget.

Consider the wholesale market for buying flowers

Flowers are the main component to create a great ambiance for the ceremony. But, using greenery with flowers can complete the whole decoration. Using more greenery than flowers can save money as well. Don’t go for costly flowers like peonies, buy roses to reduce the cost or stick to one or two type of flowers. Buy seasonal flowers from the wholesale market at comparatively cheaper rates.

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Limit your guest list

Inviting close family members and friends can save a big amount of money. There's no point to call people you hardly interact or with whom you won’t be able to share the fun. Limit the guest list to those with whom you can spend some quality time.

Consider DIY whenever possible

When your guest list is short, you can easily give the personalized touch to the invitation card. This way you can save money as well. Go online to make customized cards and print them. If you are a creative person, then you can make the invitation cards on your own. Using glitters and ribbons make the cards more gorgeous at a lower price.

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Don’t overspend on wedding dress

Try not to buy an expensive wedding dress. If you want to wear a traditional wedding dress, then redo your mom’s wedding dress. Renting a wedding dress is also a good way to reduce cost. You can easily get a dress that fits you well. Also, you can get a traditional wedding gown from a department store. Keep eyes on the time when discounts are available on wedding attire. Thus, you’ll be able to save more money on your wedding attire.

Give inexpensive, but creative favors

Inviting limited guests has another benefit. You can be creative with the wedding favors and mementos. Send them homemade cookies, brownies in jars beautifully decorated with ribbons. Or, create a cool wedding CD of romantic songs and attached a note that explains how they mean to you. I received a CD full of nice songs from Julia that really touched my heart.

If you don’t like to receive gifts from your family and friends, then ask them to contribute a bit instead of giving any gifts. For instance, ask your friend to get decorating items or to get candles, bouquet, etc.

Allow a friend to take the photographs

A professional photographer and videographer charge huge amount of money for capturing the wedding moments in his camera. Instead of hiring a pro, you can ask one of your friends who’s popular among all for clicking. Thus, you’ll be able to catch the special moments at relatively less or free of cost.

Don’t splurge on food and drink

Find out whether or not a buffet is cheaper than a seated dinner. If your wedding budget is limited, then serve only beer and wine instead of a full bar.

Fix an off-season date

Try to fix a date when there’s less competition for dates. If you fix a date just before the peak season started, you can get cheaper prices on almost everything. Also, arrange a daytime reception party. Because, a lunch or brunch is cheaper than dinner.

What the bride confessed to me

During our conversation, her smile said it all that, how much she is happy with the wedding. We had a gala time, and she told me some lines that are really important for those who are planning their wedding.

Some lines that she told me:

“I’ve bought all the necessary items like ribbons, candies, and flowers to bells in bulk that really saved a lot of money.”

"I ditched the three-tier cake and ordered a simple cake. I think there’s no reason to waste money on a huge cake for only photo shoot.”

“The musicians are the students of one of my close friends and sounded pretty better than the professional band and it helped me to save a lot!”

“I and my fiance decided to arrange the reception and the wedding ceremony at the same location. There’s no point in spending money on transport to arrange separately the indoor and outdoor events.”

“I and Andrew (the groom) are really happy with our wedding and looking forward to a great anniversary as well! Thanks for coming Patricia!” We hugged each other and bid good bye!

Final thoughts

Attending Julia’s wedding reception, made me feel that planning a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice with the enjoyment. You need to make prior arrangements with the help of a wedding coordinator. Remember, a wedding coordinator is not a professional wedding planner. Wedding planner charges more than a wedding coordinator as the planner takes care of everything.

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