How to dine out gloriously within a low budget

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 10th May,2016

Get information on dining out like a king without putting pressure on your wallet.

You’ll hardly find a man who doesn’t love to eat in a restaurant or a hotel. In fact, we immensely enjoy the meal if we don’t have to cook it or don’t have to clean the leftovers from our dishes while the dinner is over.

But, you’ll have to bear minimum $20 for each person if you dine at a restaurant. Don’t worry, competition between the big restaurants and the great offers in daily deal websites can give you the option to enjoy a good meal at a very affordable price.

But, you may have to select those deals carefully as those available deals aren’t similar. You can get a good discount by using coupons, but it might not be as worthy as you’re expecting. It may give you much lower savings that you may get in a high-cost menu rather than a regular value meal.

So, here are several ways you can dine out in good restaurants, but at a low price:

1. Consume water before meal

Beverages like soft drinks and alcohol, available in most restaurants will definitely boost the cost of your dinner. A can of soda will cost you $3 at a normal restaurant. Tax ($12) and tip are extra. A glass of wine will cost you $10 to $12. Plus, currently restaurants often provide bottled water, that’ll cost you much higher than usual than Costco. The cheapest option will be to have tap water; it is the best choice. If you want to enjoy cocktails or wine, then you should have plenty of water at home before going out for dinner.

2. No eating out at all

If you really want to save a lot of money, try not to go for dinner at least for first 3 weeks of a month. You must rarely go out to eat at a restaurant. It is very difficult to avoid such attraction of dining with your family and friends. But if you compare the cost of “Entertainment” with the “Grocery”, you’ll surely choose to dine at your home, not in a costly place.

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3. Avoid meat and other costly foods

My parents are vegetarian, and I am a hardcore flesh eater. I need to have bacon or beef in my breakfast or dinner. Trust me, having non-veg items sometimes become very costly rather than the veg items. Having veg hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner are much cheaper than any chicken or beef menu available in the restaurant.

4. Don't dine without a coupon

Use coupons to save more money while going out for a dinner. You may search the “name of restaurant” and available “coupon” for it online. You can also check the restaurant’s official website or their Facebook page. You can cut off restaurant free coupons from the newspaper coupons category, collect coupons from weekly newspapers and Entertainment magazines.

5. Look for happy hour food specials

Many restaurants provide discounts and great offers for the people who will dine there early or late. Sometimes they offer appetizers at half-price with a special drink. So, whenever you reach a restaurant, don’t forget to ask the waiter whether or not you can avail those special deals or happy hour specials in the bar or in a usual table.

6. Use online deal websites

Two famous websites where you can save a lot of money are and The former one deals with discounted dining certificates, for an example - $10 certificates for $25 worth dining at any time. But, there are other websites also who sells such certificates at a much lower price. For an example - for $4 or $5. You’ll get different offers in websites, for different restaurants. Don’t forget to check the offers and verify the details before buying any discount certificates.

7. Bulk buying

Saving money on food is quite difficult for a 8 member family, rather than a 4 people family. It’s true that if you can modify your buying pattern a bit, it will save a lot of dollars. If you are going to buy snacks for your family from McDonalds, look for the bulk buying offers. They often provide meal-box service or heavy discounts on burgers if you buy in bulk. There are many food stores and restaurants who provide bulk buying discount offers on dining. You just need to keep your eyes open for such offers..that’s all.

8. Look for kids-eat-free deals

Many restaurants offer fixed days or nights where kids can eat free. Some food stores require adults to buy a meal, and they will give another for the kid totally free. Stores also provide coupons for free meals, limited to one or two kids for each one kid’s meal ordered.

9. Look for discounts on senior citizens

Some restaurants offer a special loyalty club for seniors, or a senior menu and sometimes a standard senior discount. If you can’t find a senior discount listed on the on the menu, ask the restaurant guy if they are offering such or not. AARP serves a list of restaurants who provide such offer discounts, normally 10% off to the existing members.

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