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By: sanderspatricia29
on 15th Sep,2016

The fall season is full of harvest and merriment. This colorful season has a magic that attracts each of us to have some fun. Check out some indoor and outdoor fun activities for toddlers and adults to enjoy in this fall.

One of the most incredible seasons is approaching fast. The beautiful foliage symbolizes the fall season and it has arrived with lots of colors, refreshment, and harvest. Don’t think that you and your family have no option to have some fun-filled outdoor activities since summer is over. Fall has always something special to offer, which is enough to mesmerize you.

Indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy in this fall season

The cold air of these brightest days gives you a celebratory feel. Some indoor and outdoor fun ideas that are ideal during the fall season.

Indoor activities for toddlers

1. Keep your kids engage in home decoration

Decorating the outside of the house to welcome Halloween is a fun activity for the whole family. Almost everyone gets involved in this work when October rolls around; especially kids will love the idea. Buy Halloween supplies to enjoy an evening full of art and craft activities.

2. Ask your children to make jack-o-lantern

Making jack-o-lantern is a fun idea for young kids. But, this can be messy work for your kids. They may need your assistance to make a perfect jack-o-lantern. So, help those little hands to make such artifacts to welcome Halloween.

3. Plan a crafty day for the kids Offer kids a crafty day

Provide glue, color paper, pencils, and a variety of craft items to kids so that they can enjoy a crafty day. Teach them how to create a DIY scrapbook using fallen leaves and similar other ideas to apply.

4. Organize a kids party at your home

Ask your older kids to help in making cookies and pumpkin cake, pancake, waffle mix, etc. as the party menu. Call your children’s friends to join the party at your home. Play some good music for them and let them enjoy Fall party with friends.

Outdoor activities for toddlers

1. Experience apple picking from local orchard

Apple picking from the local orchard is a fun idea for kids. Catch up your nearest “Pick your own fruit” event. Make your kids engage in picking seasonal fresh fruits., and you also get the opportunity to relive childhood.

2. Go for camping with kids

Camping is one of the best ways to take full advantage of the fall season. Your kids can experience the scenic beauty of the autumn foliage.. You need to find out the camping location that is near to you. Nothing can be more enjoyable than a starry evening counting stars while telling a story your kids enjoy most.

3. Visit your nearest park

Fallen leaves are incredibly beautiful that attract most of the visitors including little kids. Visit your local park to walk on fallen leaves. Gathering and racking up the leaves is also fun. Visit the park to enjoy childish activities while throwing leaves at your kids and partner, just like a snowball fight.

4. Organize a sport event

You can host an event full of sport activities at your local park or front yard. A soccer game can be a good choice because it's quite popular, especially among boys. Invite your family or friends, who have kids, to enjoy the sports you like most.

5. Pick pumpkins with kiddos

Autumn means pumpkin season. The local pumpkin patch is a must visit for everyone to welcome the fall season. Hit the nearest pumpkin patch with your little one to enjoy a variety of free fun activities such as hayrides and corn mazes all day long.

Indoor activities for adults

1. Host a barbecue

You can host a barbecue party before it gets too cold to sit outside. Choose the seasonal veggies to throw on the grill and enjoy the last barbecue of the season with your family and friends. Welcome the fall season and make the evening more happening with some good music and drinks.

2. Knit a sweater or a scarf

Gift-giving season is coming. You can start knitting scarves and sweaters to gift your family and friends on Christmas or on the New Year Eve.

3. Go seasonal while decorating your mantel

Don't spend an extra penny to decorate your mantel. You can decorate it using colorful fallen leaves, pumpkin, candles and many other simple things.

Browse online to get ample fall fun ideas.

4. Watch scary movies or tale spooky tales to others

Watching back-to-back scary movies is a good idea to spend a fall evening. Tell spooky stories if your children love to hear stories.

Outdoor activities for adults

1. Take a long scenic drive

You can hit the road with your partner to enjoy the weather. Fall is the perfect time to go for a long drive. Roll down the windows (if possible) to breathe fresh air and see the changes of incredible color on the trees.

2. Visit a farmer’s market

Fall is the perfect time to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. So, it’s an ideal time to stock up the fall's best offerings from the farmer’s market. You can visit the local fall fairs and harvest festivals, too. From there, you can buy fresh apples, pumpkins, squash and more to add taste to your food and boost health as well.

3. Celebrate the season in “Fall festivals”

Fall festivals are highly enjoyable for adults. From apple to the oyster, you can enjoy the variety of foods, wine, and other activities at your local fall festivals. Participate in the Fest and energize yourself in the cooler weather.

4. Give a shot to the barn dance

If you love dancing, then it is a perfect time to participate in hoedowns. Contra dancing or square dancing is an exclusive way to enjoy the fall evenings. Fiddle music and a troupe of dancers can help you to have a blast on an autumn evening with your partner.

5. Frame the season in your camera

The fall season is gorgeous to frame some unforgettable scenic beauties. Just take your camera and click a picture of the bright multicolored leaves, the colorful pumpkins, the clear blue sky, and the wildlife near your city.
You can take family pictures while playing with fallen leaves as well.

6. Go for trekking

The fall season is the perfect time for climbing. Rock faces become more exposed and can give you an ideal weather for trekking. So, get ready for some thrill with your trekking bags and other supplies.

Final thoughts

Say “goodbye” to the warm nights of summer and welcome the brand new season. Cherish the fun memories of summer while enjoying these activities. So, do try all the ideas mentioned here and share your experience with us.

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