Labor day sales – Ways to cut extra expenses while buying

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 15th Sep,2016

Learn unique ways to save your pocket while buying in this Labor Day.

Usually, Labor Day falls on the first Monday of September. It is also known as the summer’s last weekend unofficially. It’s a perfect time for enjoying with great food, friends and family. For few people, it’s also quite an expensive day. But there are few expert tips which can save your pocket while buying party stuff and gifts, which are given below.

1. Seek deals with offers - If you can use the internet, let your search begin. While food shopping, you can find great supermarket discount coupons, which you can redeem at any food store. You can also visit your local second-hand stores and their websites to buy some good old stuff at a low price. Use coupons to hire heavy beach gears, water toys, clothing etc.

2. Avoid buying heavy decorations - Decorations are always costly. If you’ve plans to decorate a holiday theme, drop your idea. Those themed decorations can’t be reused next time. But just to have more fun, you can try homemade decorations this time. Decorate glass jars and bottles with candles and use them for lighting the place. Skip all the decorations and arrange food tables where you can serve food/drinks and desserts. You can also use the entire space with several indoor game modules, like a board game or card game tables. Your friends will remember the party, as you’re providing them a unique ambiance.

3. Summer Closeouts - If you check in your local retail store, you’ll surely find Labor Day weekend sale offers. Retailers offer heavy discounts on beach gear, pools, grills, tents, and outdoor stuff in summer closeouts. This way you can save dollars while buying next year summer supplies too. Clothing shops offer best deals on summer wear and school wear this time. If you can wait for this weekend, you can avail heavy savings on school clothes.

4. Home appliances and improvements - Most of the Americans might celebrate this labor Day weekend by scheduling their home improvements. So, keeping that in mind, many retailers offer best of the best deals on home improvement utilities and home appliances throughout the whole Labor Day weekend. Most of the new appliances hit the market during fall, so if you get lucky enough, you might be grabbing some cool new stuff at a very low price this year.

5. Potluck Party - If you’re hosting the Labor Day party, don’t expect that you can please everyone with your arrangements, especially with the food. It’ll take a huge effort and also good money to keep everyone’s taste. So, what you can do is, make it a potluck. Ask every guest to prepare and bring the best food they can cook. You can also announce a special prize, like a special dessert for the winner, from you. This’ll reduce your food cost as well as give a unique fun filled experience.

6. Be a tourist in your neighborhood - Holiday? Where should we go? These kind of confusion always come to our minds..right? How about exploring your hometown or may be the city next to yours? Be a visitor, you don’t have to go far away to get fun and pleasure. There are many places in the countryside with beautiful hot spots. Stay in a local hotel where you can find some awesome deals in this weekend. Websites like LivingSocial or Groupon can get you vivid offer coupons on hotels and restaurants within an hour or two. Ask your hotel authorities if they are providing any complimentary tour service or anything more. Camping can be fun. You can choose any place and book your campsite from websites. If you’re lucky, you can get pre-booking discounts also.

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The best thing about Labor Day weekend is that you’ll get the best opportunity for you and your family to spend a nice weekend before the summer ends. You can easily arrange these three-four days of vacation, even after your kid’s school started. You must remember these options to save your wallet when planning for the busy weekend of Labor Day.

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