Losing weight and having a slimmer body is not expensive: Here's how

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 29th Dec,2016

If you're tired of gyming cost and getting no result on your slimming goal, check out these easy-peasy tips for losing weight while spending less dough.

Are you worried about your extra pounds that are growing fast with age? Also do you want to restrict your unnecessary spending that’s increasing with your age?

If weight loss and also money saving both are your concern, this article is a must read for you.

Some are very easy tips that effectively help you to achieve your goal. Read carefully!

1 Snacks! NO-no

Go and find out your last grocery bill. If I’m not wrong, you have spent 40-45% of the total bill on cookies, donuts, chips, and frozen treats. These type of snacks are not only budget breaker, but also they are filled with high calories that are making you more fat.

Eat an apple when hungry. You can also eat one or two carrots to ditch your fast hunger.

Those are healthy food and not a budget breaker.

2 Ditch sugary drinks, have water

Did you ever think that you're gaining extra 500 calories per day by consuming soda, coke, or a bottle of beer? Why don't you drink water to detox your body naturally and also make your wallet happy?

Remember, detoxification works great for losing weight naturally.

If you don't like drinking plain water, then make it interesting by dropping some slices of lemon, cucumber or herbs as per your choice. Browse online to get a variety of information. You can buy a pack of instant tea powder for making iced tea. So many ways to make the drinks more interesting!

3 Buy in season, eat seasonally

You might be able to get blueberries in icy cool weather, but the high price will burn your pocket for sure.

So, it’s always better to buy and consume seasonal fruits. However, you can store seasonal food items for future use. But, to do so, you should know the proper way to store it so as to keep the nutritional value of food.

4 Go seasonal for the sake of your pocket and your health too.

Those packaged items or frozen items that are available during off season are not healthy but costly, too. So, pick seasonal fruits and vegetables instead of pricey frozen items. Thus, you can save money as well as taste some good items.

5 Know your portion and mean it

Knowing the right portion not only helps to avoid eating extra pounds but also makes the food last longer.

Unnecessary shopping results overeating and wasting.

So, next time plan your meal for the next week and buy accordingly. Thus, you’ll be able to avoid wasting both your food and hard-earned money.

6 Cook and carry your lunch to work

Eating out lunch every day costs a lot and also increases extra calorie. Restaurant foods are expensive and mostly full of fat. Also, why will spend money on tax while eating at a restaurant when you can make an extra dish with that money in your kitchen?

If you're on busy schedule, then cook on weekends. Prepare a large portion so that you can carry the food to work. Thus, you can minimize your restaurant visits for having lunch every day. Your wallet and waistline - both will thank you.

You can get a lot of ideas as well as easy cooking recipes online.

7 Leave all junk foods on a planet

Catch a spaceship to leave the trash full of candy bars, chips, soda bottles on the planet to make sure you don't consume them anymore. I am afraid, our planet may deny to keep those junk garbage.

Junk food kills. Don't eat them.

They are easy to find but costly and make you sick. Forget them.

8 Switch to fruit instead of dessert

A dessert filled with cheese and sugar add at least extra 400 calories. So, skip dessert and switch to fruits to live a healthy life.

Always have fruit snacks to get over those costly yet high-calorie dessert.

Final thoughts

Splitting dinner is also a good idea of portion control as well as for saving money. If you and your partner visit a restaurant occasionally, then split the food to avoid overeating and high costs.

Think about some other easy-peasy ways to avoid extra calories and excess spending from now onwards. Don't forget to share your ideas with me!

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