Money or emotions: What is more important in a romantic relationship?

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By: Phil Bradford
on 24th May,2016

Find out what should come first in a romantic relationship - fun or finances.

Romantic relationships are quite complicated. And, it’s also very difficult to maintain the right balance. You need to add the correct mix of spices to get the perfect flavor in your relationship. Add the right quantity of love, fun, affection, friendship, care, compassion, money, and so on to make the wheel of your relation run smoothly.

Neither you can buy food with love, nor you can buy love with money. A lot of surveys have been taken out regarding the significance of money and fun or emotions in a relationship. As per the demonstrations of these analyses, both money and fun are equally important in a relationship.

“A recent study by Utah State University researchers found that the more a couple fights about money, the more likely they are to split. Even couples who do not end up in divorce court cite their finances as a source of relationship strife.”

The equation is very simple - ‘both emotions and money go hand-in-hand in a romantic relationship.’ So, let’s find out the significance of money and emotions in a romantic relationship:

Importance of money in a relationship

It is true that money can’t buy happiness. But, the hard truth is that - without money it’s also impossible to live a happy life. You would find money behind many breakups, arguments, and divorces in romantic relationships. But, this is not always the case. With a little understanding, money can actually bridge the gap between couples.

Money helps to strengthen the bond between couples. You can share common financial goals such as your thoughts about a home, children, and retirement and build a strong bond with your partner. This way, you can merge your lives.

Instead of complaining about your partner’s frugal or lavish lifestyle, try to understand his or her money habits. Figure out why he or she is spending too much or too less, and fix the issues accordingly. This would increase the understanding between you and your partner. Try to accept each other's differences to fill the gap in your relationship.

Money is important in every walk of your life. Whether you want a secure future with your partner, or you want to buy food or your own home, pay the utility bills, have fun, and so on; money is everywhere. It is like the fuel that helps the engine your life run smoothly. Remember, “money is sweeter than honey.”

Importance of emotions in a relationship

Yes! Emotions are really very important in a relationship. It acts like a lubricant oil that removes rust from your relationship. Without laughter and fun, your relationship can become suffocating and lifeless.

A relationship that is backed by humor, laughter, fun, and trust tends to stand the test of time. There are times when stress and tensions take the place of fun and laughter in a relationship. Couples who play together and stay together are more likely to conquer the stressful affairs more easily. Their strong bond is the driving force, which pulls them out from the difficult situation.

To keep the misunderstanding at bay have a deep conversation with your partner. And for this, you both need to share a strong bond and connect emotionally as much as possible. Have a talk with your spouse or partner about the issues that are bothering your relationship. With a detailed conversation, you can overcome any difficult situation in your life.

The flow of emotions would ease the stress in your relationship. To create an atmosphere filled with positive vibes, you need to have fun, crack jokes, play games, or share feelings among yourselves.

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What comes first fun or finances?

The above discussion shows that both money and emotions are equally important for the survival of a romantic relationship. It’s impossible to think of a relationship without money and fun. Both money and emotions are interdependent on each other. Neither money nor fun comes first in a romantic relationship. Money and fun should be added in the same proportion to make the relationship tree grow bigger and survive the adverse conditions.

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