Personal finance apps to detox your junk-like spending habits

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By: Phil Bradford
on 9th Apr,2015

But before that you need to start detoxifying yourself of the harmful spending habits and build up a robust savings fund for the good times ahead.
Personal finance apps to detox your junk-like spending habits

The time is ripe for you to consider preparing for the fun-filled summers. But before that you need to start detoxifying yourself of the harmful spending habits and build up a robust savings fund for the good times ahead.

To serve the purpose, here are some of the most popular personal finance apps you can use to keep a close watch over your daily expenses and even reduce wherever necessary.

Personal finance apps for greater savings

The likes of US News, Zacks and Investopedia have publicly sided with these apps for you to choose only the best ones out of the clutter of hundreds and thousands of them doing the rounds on the Internet:


It helps into pull all your credit and debit card transactions into one and even alerts you of any potential fraud with respect to your accounts. The fraud could be in the form of unnecessary charges deducted from your funds or you could be subjected to identity theft or phishing of your confidential credit/debit card data. By the virtue of this app, you'd get to know of all these fraudulent activities that could be affecting your bank accounts. Moreover, you'd get alerts whenever there's a data breach both during and after you've shopped at a retail store. One of the pros of BillGaurd is that it flags and even disputes fraudulent charges wherever it deems fit. In addition, it assesses your spending habits and lets you know of the relevant coupons to help you save more on every purchase.

Alternatively, this app doesn't provide you with the comprehensive personal finance support but it only concentrates on transactions and threats revolving around your bank accounts. The app is available for free and can work well both on Android and iOS. According to the app's developers, you could win back your lost money whenever you don't recognize a charge through a couple of taps.

Personal Capital

If you're an avid investor and swear by the financial markets, then this app could be your calling and double up as your portfolio manager on the go. This is because Personal Capital is such an app that lets you to track your investments either on the basis of the accounts you own or the asset classes on which you've staked your dollars. As a user it'd also allow you to shop and compare their investment portfolios with that of the other major indices around the world. Apart from that, you could even keep a close tab on your investments and conduct regular checkups regularly. Besides that, the app provides with mutual fund and 401(k) fee calculators to enable you to arrive at smart conclusions.

One of the most prominent advantages of the app is that it offers a never before view to its users, along with furnishing some of the best information concerning personal finance issues. Still, it has got to overcome its shortcomings because it won't allow you to transfer funds in or out of the app and remains to function as a “read-only service” app. Smartphones running iOS and Android can have them for free. Tracking the hyper active financial markets and indexes has never been so easier, the developers say.

Mint Personal Finance

Mint is one of the pioneers in the world of personal finance apps and is rightly considered so. The app delivered from its stable is a delight to use as it can integrate multiple bank accounts like credit card, loan, and retirements, all into one place. Moreover, the app will keep you abreast of all the hot financial trends that are sweeping past the Wall Street and the other financial markets in the world. You could use the app to plan your monthly household budget and keep all your transactions well documented and secure in one place. It also doubles up as your personal financial advisor as you'd get to know of the banks that are providing the most lucrative saving rates on retirement accounts, credit cards with the lowest possible rate of interest and even enjoy the attractive graphics bundled into the app.

Additionally, you'll learn about the savings alternatives, your credit score and allows you to input your transactions manually. In other words, Mint's app will help you to evaluate the amount of savings you could make by increasing your monthly debt as well as other obligatory payments. However, it has to be installed using a computer and becomes a “read only” app when accessed from cell phones. It runs on Android and iOS for free.

There are also some budgeting apps with the help of which you can plan a realistic budget.

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