Strong money affirmations to make your goals a reality!

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By: Phil Bradford
on 15th Mar,2018

Our money resolutions sometimes get tough to stick onto as we aim for unrealistic affirmations. Here are some positive money affirmations for bringing your goals to life!
Strong money affirmations to make your goals a reality!

After “time”, “money” is the most important finding of mankind!

It gives us the strength to survive and assigns a value to material goods!

Imagine this Earth without money for once. What can you see? I know what you can see. It’s chaos!

But as Friedrich Nietzsche said,“This world is a will to power, and nothing besides”, we should be a little careful with money. As at the end of the day, Money defines power! Therefore, only proper use can bring satisfaction and ward away all the evil thoughts about money!

So, while everyone in this world is running after money, here are top 10 money affirmations to give you a boost and positive vibe:

  1. Money is not an alien object or anything different from all other objects that make up this world. It is created by us and therefore is a normal part of this world!
  2. You are way more powerful than money. Money can’t manipulate or mold you, but you can do the vice versa.
  3. There’s ample money in this Earth. Just like grass in a green field!
  4. Figure out what you want to do. Merge your interests and source of income into one. You will then see that money is coming to you just like that!
  5. Everything in this world is made up of a unit source of energy. Everything has a life! Money is not an exception! It has also got emotions. It only comes to those who love and care about it!
  6. Everything you do has a value. Always charge something for what you do. Remember a work without pay is a work going to vain.
  7. Time is money. Every moment you lose, you lose money. Utilize your time to the fullest.
  8. You are never too lazy to reach a place that can provide you with money, even if the amount of money you can earn is little. So, remember money is money, the amount is not a factor. This brings me to the next affirmation.
  9. Million is one, and one is million. Learn to measure money equally. A penny, a dollar, a million dollars, should all look same to you. They are all valuable and have the same importance!
  10. Money can buy happiness, only if you don’t measure love with money.

Those were the affirmations at an ideological level. Now let’s come back to reality.

Only believing those above-mentioned money ethics won’t help you in tackling money. Earning money is something, while taking care of your money is something else!

Here are the money affirmations to help you with proper money management and make your goals a reality:

  1. Savings is always your first priority: There’s one saying that I always believe in, “Rich people have rich money habits”. Until and unless you save, you can’t achieve your long-term goals. If your goals are big monuments, then your savings are its pillars. So, whatever you plan to do or whatever your goals are, only with good savings, you can bring them to life without much hassle.

    Also, savings is the only useful tool to fight emergency expenses.

  2. Budget sincerely and spend tactfully: This is probably the most important affirmation ever! Budgeting is like the scariest thing we can think of! But let me assure you it is the game changer.

    Never let your spending exceed the margin you have in your mind. So, break your salary into savings, expenses, and luxury expenses, for the start. See where you can cut down your expenses, and save that amount for the goals you plan for.

    A little trick to manage money is staying yards away from debts! Make your credit card purchases as minimum as possible. Always try to use cash for your purchases. This way you know how much is going out of your pockets!

  3. Learn to say NO to desires that are beyond your capability: Since the ancient time, philosophers, priests, and teachers, always say to live within the means. I completely believe in it. I can definitely not wish for a seaview bungalow in Malibu if my monthly income is $5000.

    Also avoid a lifestyle you can’t afford, even if your friends insist you.

    Tell them where your problem is, and being friends they should understand!

  4. Accomplish your goals one at a time: Last but not the least, don't reach your goals in a rush. Always remember, every great thing takes time to be accomplished. So, don’t think your European tour and a Bentley Continental GT can come together!

    Even for some, foreign tours and buying luxury items are not goals. They probably want to save some $500,000 for the retirement! Or they want to purchase a vacation home.

So, big goals are time-consuming, and you need to hold onto this affirmation that you will not lose hope, and will manipulate money as per your wants!

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