5 Time-saving habits that are costing you more money

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 28th Sep,2018

Your time-saving habits are affecting your financial life, whether you know it or not. Find out the habits that are costing you money.
5 Time-saving habits that are costing you more money

In this fast-paced time, most of the people prefer for convenience to save their time.

For example, they prefer to grab a quick bite from a convenience store instead of having a homemade meal.

People are adopting habits that can save their time. However, by doing so, people are losing more money than usual. How?

Here are 5 time-saving habits that are costing you more money:

1 Keeping the credit card details on file

Most of the people are now making online purchases. It is convenient and saves time as you don't have to visit the store to buy the items.

Though online shopping has its many benefits, yet it has some loopholes. It costs cost you more money.


Often people save their credit card or debit card details on file to save their purchasing time.

Just one click and you buy the item”, this is actually a very dangerous habit. It will not let you think twice about the purchase.

Sometimes, we have to reconsider our shopping decision.

Thus, we may judge whether or not it is worth. So, avoid the one-click order habit to save your hard-earned money.

2 Considering Uber to reach the destination

These days, many cab booking apps are available. You just need to book your car using your smartphone.

A car of your choice will reach your doorstep to pick you up.

This option is great when you are actually in a hurry and trying to reach your destination fast .

But, if you book a cab to reach your office every day, then you will lose more money than usual.

You should consider the public transport to save money. Just you have to start your journey earlier to reach your office or workplace.

3 Hiring a personal gym trainer

We all know that gym membership is costly. If you take full advantage of it, you have to visit the gym for the workout.

But, some people prefer to hire a personal gym or yoga trainer to save their time.

They prefer to work out at their home with the help of their trainer. This is actually costing them more money.

Gym membership is expensive; hiring a gym expert can be more expensive.

So, instead of spending more money on a personal physical trainer, you can visit the gym on weekend or in your spare time.

By doing so, you can save quite a significant amount.

4 Buying breakfast and lunch from outside

Most of the people are now a late riser; they get out of bed late and run to the washroom for a bath and get dressed up for their work.

They don't have time for having their breakfast or pack the lunch for the day.

They know they can get their favorite cup of coffee and a delicious sandwich from the Starbucks on the way to the office.

They prefer to have their lunch with the colleague at the restaurant. Don't you think the whole process is costing you more money?

You can easily save that money by preparing your own coffee/breakfast/lunch at your home.
You just need to manage the time and make your own food.

I will finish the article with one more example,

5 Buying bottled water

is a costly habit that saves time but burns your pocket. How?

If you buy a 20-ounce bottle from the convenient store, you need to pay about $1.50. So, just think how much money you are spending in a month on bottled water.

By considering reusable water bottle, you can save your money to a great extent.

So, carry your own bottle of water to the office or gym or wherever you travel and save money.

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