Why people save better when we turn it into a game

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 29th Mar,2016

Check out why people save better when we turn it into a game.

We all feel that money saving is a very easy concept, we just need to control our expenses a bit, that's it. But actually saving money is extremely difficult for most of us. Despite several attempts and plans, it may be seen that you can't make any changes in your over spending habits at all.

For many people, earning additional incentive is essential to perform big changes in their life. That's why participating in money-saving games has some psychological aspects, which works better than saving money in an old-fashioned way.

So, what is in these money-saving games that are getting so attractive to people?

1. We don't like having stress

It is quite obvious, but we normally don't like getting into stress for any reason. This habit pays when we go for budgeting. But, if you convert saving habit into a game, it'll become fun and include an element of excitement that can improve your financial life.

Smart people use this technique to ease up their financial problem. Making a game boosts the budgeting habit that will allow people to take the money saving requirement seriously and completely.

2. It's a mind game

We normally trick ourselves and try to forget the difficult task of saving money. Practically, managing personal finance is quite a hard job to perform, by any age group. We often have to cut off our daily expenses and save that money for future use. We may need to sacrifice going out with friends for a dinner, or a movie show. This situation may trigger the feeling of sadness and shame in us. So, we need to understand that money-saving games are quite popular among us because they're very helpful to create a distraction. By distracting ourselves, we often reduce the chances of getting ashamed in front of other people.

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3. Immediate gratification

People are attracted to things which are funny and make them feel good, especially when they require immediate positive feeling. Budgeting itself is very stressful, so people will try to get away from things like that. But if we can present such a boring work like budgeting in an exciting manner, we can enjoy it like never before.

Winning a game feels very good and boosts your confidence. If you have taken any risk for winning, the victory becomes much sweeter than before. For an example, the 52-Week Money Challenge and many other money-saving games attract players for the risk and reward that they can achieve.

4. Easy to carry on

Money-saving games are build in an easy manner for common people. They’re designed in a small and manageable way so that we can learn how to fulfill step-by-step goals best. These goals are easier for people to reach, but also to maintain for a long time.

Once you have decided to join a money-saving game, you must also need to know the current trend about those games. Here are few of them that people like the most these days:

a. The Coin Jar game

It is one of the most popular money-saving games for sure. The method is also very simple. At the end of the day's work, when you return to home, pick a jar or similar container and drop all the coins left in your pocket for that day. At the end of the month, keep the coins together in a bag and drop them in your bank account. Simple!

b. Pay Yourself first game

After getting your paycheck, deduct a percentage from the amount for yourself. You can keep the money in a box or just open a new bank account for it. At the end of the month, drop the entire saved money to your main bank account.

c. Reduce bill game

This is a very interesting game. You need to reduce the current bill amount than the bill you had already paid last month. You can also collect your last years bills to compare them with your current year's bills.

d. Continue payment game

This game is best for you when you've already built your saving habit. After using your saving funds, pay your credit cards. After paying them off in full, continue depositing saved money into your new savings account, without using that money for buying something new. That way you have a saving fund for your future expenses.

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