Here’s why Valentine's Day is a total waste of money

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 7th Feb,2017

Valentine's Day is commercialized by profit-seeking retailers and companies to some extent. Every year, people spend a lot of money to make their partners happy. But why to waste money when you can celebrate the V-Day more generously.

One of the most commercialized holidays - Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner. Stores are filled with stuffed toys, oversized boxes of chocolates and glittery cards! Most of the people are looking to buy V-Day gifts. These are the same people who had exchanged Christmas/Hanukkah gifts just two months ago! They have spent huge money on New Year's Eve as well!

Every year, people get crazy to celebrate their love on Valentine's Day.

Millions of Americans spend a huge amount to express love for their significant others. They dine out at costly restaurants, exchange cards and expensive gifts. Their craziness only creates financial hazard and makes retailers and manufacturers richer!

When the calendar turns to February, the rate of gold jewelry hikes and the flower prices go up by about 50%!

As per the LPL Research, "the prices for common Valentine’s Day gifts increased by 1.3% in 2015, more than the overall rate of inflation. The firm also cites that the cost of a “night out” hasn’t dropped in the 15-year history of their Valentine’s Day study."

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2016, Americans have spent nearly $19.7 billion on Valentine’s Day.

According to a Bankrate report, published last year, the five most common items purchased by people for the V-Day gift were a box of chocolates ($15.11), diamond earrings ($323.26), a dozen roses ($41.66), and a bottle of champagne ($51.54). Apart from these, people also spent on dining out ($80.46).

The above stats are indicating that Valentine's Day rank as one of the most expensive holidays in our nation.

To show off the love for the significant others, people are participating in the rat race. They are unaware that Valentine's Day is nothing but a promotional business strategy made by retailers and manufacturers.

However, people can change the commercialized mindset regarding V-Day celebration.

  • Why waste your hard-earned money on a holiday to materially celebrate your love?
  • Why should you show your love on this only day of the year?
  • Does exchanging gifts on V-Day symbolize that both of you are in a great relationship?

It is more important to honor each other throughout the year instead of exaggerating your love on a particular day.

However, below are some ideas you may consider to make your loved one happy without wasting money on V-Day.

1 Stay at home instead of dining out with partners

People love to dine out with partners on the V-Day night. Every year, 14th February night is the best night for restaurants to earn a huge revenue by putting less effort. They present a simple meal with an attractive name and charge almost the double.

Most of the restaurants offer overly priced food and decorate all over the place with unnecessarily bright red color. People think the ambiance is just perfect to celebrate the night.

But, the overly crowded restaurants fail to provide even enough space to wait. Still, they charge a hell lot of fortune for the gourmet meal. Unfortunately, you may not find enough space for parking and even valet service on time.

Rather you may visit your favorite restaurant the day before Valentine’s Day or two days after. You may find the place less crowded to spend some quality time with your partner.

However, the best option is to cook some favorite dishes for your sweetheart and spend a cozy evening comfortably at home.

2 Write a letter instead of giving a bouquet of flowers

As per the National Retail Federation, 61% of people pick up a bouquet of flowers as a V-Day gift. Roses and other costly flowers are expected to go/sell like hot cakes this year as well.

Certainly, a bouquet of red roses symbolizes your romantic nature but spending the high price on it is not a wise decision.

A bouquet of flowers has a short self-life and the florist charges double for delivery service.

Gifting a hand-made collage of photos will be a memorable gift that your partner can cherish forever. Writing down thoughts on a paper will have more passionate value than giving flowers.

3 Bake cookies at home instead of buying a box of candies and chocolates

Again a wrong choice of gift that only wastes your hard earned money.

Giving a box of candies and chocolates become a V-Day trend. But if your sweetheart is not a sweet-toothed person, then why to waste money on those pricey sweets? On the other hand, this types of edible gift won't last for a longer time and also become flavorless shortly.

You can bake some cookies or prepare a super yummy dessert to see a sweet smile on your partner's face. You can also give a box full of hand-made sweet treat wrapping a gift paper.

4 Consider DIY gift ideas instead of exchanging greeting cards

Glittery greeting cards are waste of money. Consider some DIY ideas instead of those expensive V-Day greeting cards.

If you truly want to express your affection, then pick up some art and craft supplies to make the card. Write down a note to your sweetheart; he/she will love the idea and appreciate your effort.

All the ideas are simple but can impress your partner like never before. You need not take much pressure by spending a huge amount of money on the V-day to show your love. Rather, put more effort to make every other day special for your sweetheart.

Simplicity is always the best and blissful option.
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