6 Ways a bad credit holder can pull out mortgage

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By: sanderspatricia29
on 14th Oct,2015

Are you a bad credit holder and seeking mortgage approval? Check out the ways to get mortgage approval with bad credit.

Does your credit score count up to 550? If yes, then you must be thinking that “to get a mortgage how much can you borrow”. Well, you must know the fact that your credit score is not enough to take out a mortgage. It’s because, most lenders want you to keep a credit score of about 700 to get the approval. Even if you’re able to get the approval for a home loan, usually you’ve to pay a high rate of interest.

6 Ways to get mortgage approval with bad credit

Here are some ways that’ll help you obtain a mortgage at a lower rate:

1. Pay off the debts

If you have huge debts, then you should try to pay them off first. If your earning is not sufficient enough, then you can seek professional help to repay your debts fast. Try to live within your means and quit your extravagant lifestyle to save the maximum part of your income. Thus, you can utilize the extra money to repay your debts.

2. Maximize the down payment

You have to pay a certain amount to your homeowner as a down payment while purchasing a home. Try to pay the maximum part of the cost of your home as a down payment. Thus, your monthly payments will become manageable as the loan amount is low.

3. Improve your credit score

One of the best possible ways to take out a mortgage at a low rate of interest is to improve your credit score. You need to follow every possible way to build up a good credit record. Thus, you can improve your credit score and it helps to get the approval for home loan easily.

4. Find a co-signer

Try to find a person who co-signs you. Thus, you can manage bad credit problems while taking out a mortgage. The co-signer should be your close friend or a relative with good financial prospects. Remember, in case you default on your loan, he/she will be liable on your behalf.

5. Go for peer-to-peer loan option

A peer-to-peer loan is an online option that will allow a borrower to take out a loan even with a bad credit record. You can get a chance to borrow money from a person. There's no need to apply for a mortgage from an organization. P2P lending is popular because it allows the borrower to pay low-interest rates. So, if you have a low a credit score, then an individual investor may consider your situation and can give you a loan.

6. Get organized

Try to think what more mortgage lenders need to know except your credit score. Yes, other than your credit score, there are many other things that are important such as:

  • Your pay slips.
  • Financial accounts.
  • Debt related information (personal loans, credit cards)

So, try to pay off all your debts to prove that you’re a responsible person toward managing your finances. Also, try to pay all your due bills as soon as possible. Otherwise, that’ll again create a negative impact on your credit history.

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Lastly, you can even apply for an FHA (Federal Housing Administration) mortgage loan. Contact the FHA lender of your area to know the terms and conditions. FHA lender will also help you to get enrolled in a credit counseling session.

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