Biggest remodeling mistakes you need to avoid for saving your wallet

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 26th Oct,2015

Stop making mistakes and save your money while remodeling your house.

Most homeowners ignore the tough process of remodeling while initiating the remodeling job for their home.

The homeowners only focus on the optimum results instead of important details. That’s why often they make a huge mistake by appointing an inexperienced contractor for lowering costs. But it’s very unwise to hire a person who has no specialization regarding this work. On the other hand, homeowners who don't want to supervise the remodeling job, always depend on the professionals. They believe, depending on the contractor will be beneficial for their home and the contractors can also turn their house into more comfortable, enjoyable and beautiful place than it was before.

No matter which class you belong to, but the following tips will surely help you avoid some great remodeling mistakes. So, let’s discuss them:

1. Not initiating a practical budget - If you are remodeling your home for the first time, you might be missing out the hidden costs associated with it.

You must first consult an expert who can do your home renovation or remodeling work. Give him a brief description of what you intend to do with your home. Tell him about your decoration plans and ask him for an estimation of costs. The contractor will give you the estimated price quote for the whole work.

The contractor will notify you about the hidden and extra costs like rewiring works in the kitchen, washroom water heater line, etc. You must look for electrical, interior, and also exterior works which may include mold work, broken pipes, termite disinfection, water leaks, fire hazards, and many more.

So, first of all, increase your budget from 10% to 15%, if you can afford high-cost repairs. If you can’t do it, work hard to reduce the cost of materials. How? Ask dealers for discounts in return of bulk-buying. Ask your contractor clearly to mention every possible work in the written contract as it is.

2. Ignoring the importance of a designer - You must have a designer or an architect to carry out your remodeling project professionally. You’ll require a good designer to design your house in a perfect and artistic manner. The designer will aesthetically solve your home remodeling problems. A normal contractor can’t see your vision, whereas a designer has that capacity and an artistic eye. Common contractors, no doubt are the best technicians you'll get. But for your home’s remodeling work, you need a good designer. Contractors usually don’t have the proper training.

3. Choosing a contractor who quotes the cheapest price - Now, as soon as you complete forming the plans and designs, you may look for an expert contractor for doing your job. It’s quite obvious that you’ll select that contractor who’ll bid the lowest quote possible to complete your remodeling job. It’s a very common concept that homeowners will always look for the cheapest deal while choosing a contractor. But think, aren’t you compromising with the quality of work if you choose a low-budget contractor? Will he deliver the same quality of work like a professional?

Always you need to compare the services of different contractors. You can give them a specified worksheet, which you need to implement in the remodeling process. Your specifications should include the following:

  1. Summary of the project.
  2. Plans made by the architect.
  3. Plans made by the designer.
  4. Starting time and estimated finishing dates.
  5. Detailed worksheet for each kind of job, like a detailed report on paint job mentioned with the paint grades, color and number of coats etc.

4. Not signing a written contract - After selecting the contractor, it’s mandatory to prepare the written contract, which both the parties will sign. This contract must clearly specify the process and scope of the job, the raw materials to be used, cleaning and removal of junks and debris, the total contract value and the payment schedule. The contract must also include the order of works. The contractor must inform the homeowner about those works, which are listed as top priority. For example - paint job must not be done before electrical jobs and flooring must not be done before the paint job.

The work order should be maintained properly, it would allow you to handle big remodeling projects through segregation. Make sure you can always update or modify your contract as per the work goes. Make regular inspections and communication with your contractor, the proposed remodeling work should be running as planned and swiftly.

5. Ignoring your vision - Don’t let your dreams fade away, never allow your designer, friends, contractor, or anyone else to push you to take a quick decision. It can be related to anything like - the coloring, layout, the design or raw materials. If your heart doesn’t allow, don’t do it. Don’t let anyone to make you frustrated. Most of the projects will require a little more time due to some sudden issues, but make sure to understand those issues and ask your contractor to use the best resources.

Do not cross your budget beyond your means. It’s good to have a tight budget, but sometimes you also need to get creative about using high-quality materials. Search for some good discounts from the seller. If you’re buying the materials, go to the wholesaler instead of retailers, it’ll save you a lot.

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