What should you keep in mind being a first-time home seller

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 15th Nov,2015

Are you going to sell your house? Follow above-given tips to maximize your profits.

It is not at all an easy job to sell a home first time in the current market. Selling a property is the biggest financial transaction a person ever makes in his life. The current housing market is still suffering from housing downfall and a record number of foreclosures/short sales. So, it’s very much challenging for a seller to promote his property in this particular situation. But if you want to clinch a sale as a first-timer home seller, you can follow these steps to compete with other sellers and steal the deal.

1. Check condition

You need to check the property's condition before listing it for sale. You need to hire a home inspector for determining the remaining repairs and taking care of those pending works before showing your home to a buyer. Problems may arise in different delicate aspects like plumbing, electricity, sewage or any other issues. Incomplete repairs can create problems for your home while selling it in future. A completely renovated and repaired house is much more appealing to buyers. By giving it a new look, you can easily increase a house’s value to its future buyers.

2. Hire a right agent

Choose an agent who is familiar with your neighborhood. Trust on referrals and check goodwill of the agent. Verify what he has done in his last few deals. In your neighborhood, if the agent is working on the maximum number of real estate deals, you can rely on that agent.

Hire an agent who can get you the maximum profit by keeping the transactions consolidated. There is only 30% increase in the number of real estate professionals today since the middle of 2000, and only top 10% of those experts occupy about 90% of the real estate business. You might want to pick a good one with whom you'll intend to work with, someone who has genuine hustle in this business. You can judge a real estate agent's performance by checking his entire experience, the number of sales given by him in the past years, the average number of days he spent on the market to sell a property, and time taken for selling own listings.

You must also keep in mind that a tech-savvy professional can also synchronize with today's modern technology. Nowadays, real estate agents enlist their properties by using social media platforms also.

3. Be competitive for critical pricing

Pricing is critical these days. So, be comparative while setting a price. We all know that market, most of the time decides the price of a property. Pricing of a home should be based on competitions to maximize profits, reduce the cost of home improvements and minimize the time of sell.

In today's market, approx 51% of the real estate agents informed that sellers are eager to sell their home competitively than they were a year ago.

4. Use effective marketing plan

You and the agent must not ignore the importance of the property's pictures and images. Most buyers would choose your home by viewing its images in the website portfolio.

Higher a professional photographer for superior images once you have completed the repair/renovation and cleaning job. After taking the pictures, select only those photos which are clearly visible and portrays the entire house clearly. After picking up the best ones, upload them in social profiles and the websites.

5. House needs to be clean and classy

Stage your home perfectly. Buyers can be picky while selecting your place, so if you don't make the right first impression, it won't work as planned. Do the needful to capture as many buyers’ attention as possible.

Buyers would want themselves connected with the home. So, clean and remove your personal belongings prior to any showings. Arrange furniture in a way that your home must look specious to them. If possible, buy new furniture and replace old ones. The outside of the home is very important also. Clean your yard and paint fences if needed.

6.When to sell

It is up to you. Normally Spring and Fall are the two prime seasons when new buyers search the whole web for a good new start. Summer is not a perfect fit for selling homes like winter or any other moderate season.

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In the current market, buyers require good cash arrangements with a very good credit score to avail a mortgage for their home. It’s a very critical process, so without any good reason they wouldn’t bother to go for it. From your end, don’t make any wrong move or don't give them any chance to back off from your house deal.

7.Make your house accessible

Lock your home and prepare a written process list for viewing your house. You don't need to stay there when a buyer comes to your home. Leave the buyer with the agent so that he/she can share his/her views clear and loud. Keep your pets outside of the house, so that the buyer don't get scared.

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