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Know how and why to write finance articles for DebtCC Wiki

DebtCC Wiki is a collaborative attempt to create and develop the world's biggest hub for financial articles. One can write, edit and improve articles in this section after becoming the Wiki Contributor. The Wiki Contributors can share their articles with the Community members and the readers can widen their knowledge base on various financial topics through this website.

The content of the published articles keeps on changing everyday. This is because anyone can edit the articles to make them more enriched and informative. The edited articles can be viewed from the "Recent Changes" option in the right side menu bar. You can also get to know about the latest published article from the "Recent Article" option.

DebtCC Wiki - Article topics

You are welcome to write articles on the following financial topics:

  • Debt.
  • Credit.
  • Mortgage.
  • Insurance
  • Personal Finance.

DebtCC Wiki - How to contribute articles

You need to follow the below mentioned steps to contribute articles in DebtCC Wiki:

  • Create an account in the Community.
  • Log in the website once the account has been successfully created.
  • Go to the "Write for Community" menu and click on the "Write now" option.
  • Choose the article topic and category.
  • Start writing articles.

In case you don't have a fresh topic in your mind, then you can write articles on the topics suggested in DebtCC Wiki. You can glance through the "Article topics to write" to know about the topics.

DebtCC Wiki - Article submission rules

Wiki contributors need to obey the following rules while submitting their articles.

  • Writing articles in simple American English.
  • Writing articles in 600+ words.
  • Writing original, informative, and unique articles.
  • Writing articles on financial topics.
  • Breaking the articles in few short paragraphs.
  • Giving a image relevant to the article.
  • Submitting the articles in word document or plain html format.
  • Concluding the articles with proper author's biography.

DebtCC Wiki - Articles to be removed

Our admin panel will remove the articles which can be termed as:

  • Obscene or pornographic
  • Illegal
  • Promoting cruelty
  • Hateful or abusive
  • Abusing any community, religion, nationality, sex, age, etc.
  • Copied
  • Producing commercial activities
  • Promoting commercial enterprise

Wiki Contributors - Key rules to be followed

Check out the key rules which Wiki Contributors need to follow:

  • They must be more than 18 years old.
  • They must not be violating any rules or laws of the website.
  • They must give honest information while registering in the Community.
  • They will be accountable for any action committed under their username.
  • They can't ask for any royalty payments for the articles.
  • They can give one link in their article.

DebtCC Wiki - Editorial rights

The editorial rights are exclusively reserved by the admin panel of the website. They can reject any article which contains wrong information, multiple links, duplicate content, too many grammatical and spelling mistakes. The admin panel can also remove the articles which have been written in abusive language.

DebtCC Wiki - Contact Us

If you have any query on DebtCC Wiki, then you can contact us via mail at jason@debtconsolidationcare.com. We will try our best to solve your query after going through it.

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