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DebtCC Wiki - FAQ

Q. What is DebtCC Wiki?

  • DebtCC Wiki is the largest hub for financial articles in the world. It is a platform where you can write, share, and edit informative financial articles.

Q. Who are the Wiki Contributors?

  • Wiki Contributors are the community contributors. These are the people who have made DebtCC Wiki what it is. They are real life people who have passion for writing. They contribute articles in DebtCC Wiki. Moreover, they have the privilege to edit and improve the showcased articles in DebtCC Wiki.

Q. How can I become a Wiki Contributor here?

  • It is very easy to become a Wiki Contributor. You can become a Wiki Contributor by creating a profile in the Community.

Q. What kind of articles can I write here?

Q. How can I submit articles in DebtCC Wiki?

  • Once you become the Wiki Contributor, you can start writing and editing articles in DebtCC Wiki. You can go to the "Write for Community" option and select the category and topic on which you want to submit article. Thereafter, you'll need to enter the code shown in the page and click on the "write" option. After that, you can submit your article.

Q. Do I need to give an image on the article?

  • Yes, you need to give an image on the article to make it more appealing to the readers. You can upload pictures from the image websites. However, it is recommended to modify the pictures little bit so as to not to violate the copyright laws of the image websites.

Q. Where can I view the articles?

  • You can view the published articles in the "Featured articles" section. You can get the list of all the articles contributed by the members from this section.

Q. How many links can I give in my articles?

  • You can add 2 non-commercial links as per the theme of the article. Otherwise, you can give only 1 commercial link in the content.

Q. Who can edit the articles?

  • DebtCC Wiki is collaboratively monitored. Wiki Contributors can edit or modify your articles to make them better. However, you can track the contributor who has edited your article. If you don't like your articles to be edited or modified by others, then this website is unfortunately not for you.

Q. What are the main categories in DebtCC Wiki?

  • There are 5 main categories in DebtCC Wiki as of now. These are debt, credit, mortgage, personal finance and insurance. So, if you want to write and publish an article related to debt, then you have to upload it in the "Debt" Category.

Q. What if I don't have a fresh topic in mind?

  • If you don't have an idea about the topic on which you can write an article, then go to the "Article topics to write" and choose your favorite topic. Thereafter, you can start writing on your favorite topic.

Q. Will I get any money for writing articles?

  • No, you'll not get paid for writing articles. You can link your article to a preferred site or blog. But you'll not get any money for publishing articles.

Q. Do I need to register in the Community?

  • Yes, you need to create an account in the Community so as to publish an article in DebtCC Wiki. The registration process is quite easy and doesn't take much time. So, create a free account in the DebtCC Community and start writing articles.

Q. Where can I view my profile?

  • You can view your own profile from the "Profile section". Here you can get a glimpse of the number of articles you have started, written, edited, etc.

Q. Who are the members of the Community?

  • You can view the members of DebtCC Wiki (also known as Wiki Contributors) from the "Profile" section.

Q. What if I face problem in uploading article?

Q. Why can't I view my article?

  • You may not be able to view your article if it has been removed from DebtCC Wiki by the admin panel for violating the rules and regulations of the website. This is why it is important to follow the article submission guidelines. Apart from that you may not be able to see your article due to some technical error. In such a situation, you should contact the admin panel.

Q. Where can I see the latest published article?

  • You can see latest published article from the "Recent Article" option.

Q. Can I endorse a product or my blog?

  • Self-promotional articles are not accepted here. You should only submit good quality articles in DebtCC Wiki. However, you can give a link to your blog in the article.

Q. Can I search for articles?

  • Yes, you can search for the articles in the search engine of DebtCC Wiki.

Q. Will my articles get ratings?

  • Yes, the articles are given ratings. Usually, if an article gets high rating, then it implies that it is a good article.

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