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Credit cards with the best travel rewards

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By: Joy Mali
on 24th Oct,2013

Credit cards with travel rewards points. How do they do that? With rewards. Others offer rewards for purchase categories like airfare or dining out.
Credit cards with the best travel rewards

You've seen them advertised everywhere. Credit cards with travel rewards points. If you like to travel but are often put off by the cost of airfare or accommodations, maybe you should look into a credit card with some travel perks. There's nothing like seeing your miles go up and up as you make everyday purchases and get yourself closer and closer to a discounted vacation. Travel rewards cards might be the answer to your travel needs, but which ones are the best? How do credit card rewards work?

How Do Rewards Cards Work?

Credit card companies exist in one of the world's most competitive business niches. Every year there are more and more different types of cards for consumers to choose from and this means that companies need a way to entice people to use their cards. How do they do that? With rewards.

Rewards are points that are earned for making credit purchases on a particular card. Some cards are very specialized with their rewards points – the points are used on specific things, like purchases at a store. Others offer rewards for purchase categories like airfare or dining out. In this case, we are talking about one of the most popular types of rewards cards – travel rewards cards.

The Perks Of Travel

Travel has already become cheaper thanks to online booking sites. It's easy to find last-minute deals and save some cash on your airfare. Travel Rewards cards allow you to leverage cheap travel further by offering things like miles points every time you make a purchase. So you can buy the things you need throughout the year, and when it comes time to book that vacation, you've more than likely earned yourself a pretty sweet discount on those tickets to Maui.

But just like anything else, there are many options out there. How do you choose the best travel rewards card to suit your needs? Take a moment to consider these two excellent travel rewards credit cards.

Capitol One Venture Rewards Card

Made famous in many TV commercials by Alec Baldwin, this card is considered to be one of the best. The Venture Card packs some serious perks. For every dollar spent with the card, you get two miles of travel points. Not only that, but if you manage to spend $1,000 in the first three months (just make sure you have the means to quickly pay off that balance), you get a one-time bonus of 10,000 miles. The miles you can earn have no limit and never expire. And you don't have to just use the miles on flights, you can use them on hotels and rental cars, too.

Barclaycard Arrival

While the benefits offered by the Venture Card might seem amazing, the bonuses doled out by Barclaycard Arrival are just plain ridiculous. If you spend $1,000 in the first three months, you get – wait for it – 40,000 miles. This means that you get to save about $400 when all is said and done. The rewards are valid for any airline. Barclaycard also claims to give 10% of your miles back when you redeem them for travel purchases.

Before You Start Applying...

Don't just rush out and start filling out those credit card applications. If you already have a big stack of cards, you might want to think about consolidating before adding another one to the pile. Also take your credit score into account. If you have bad or below average credit you probably shouldn't take on another one. Take a look at your credit report and see if you have a healthy enough score to apply for one of these cards.

It might not be enough to just do a credit check, either. Think about how you are going to use your card to make the most of your rewards points. See if you could use your card for regular purchases (gas, groceries, bills) so you can use routine to help you accumulate points and ensure you don't get behind on your payments. Since you're using the card on things you'd be purchasing anyway, it'll be easier to keep the balance low and make payments on time.

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