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Modus operandi of the credit card identity thieves

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By: Good Nelly
on 18th Aug,2011

They only need to use little brain and skill to steal your credit card information.
Modus operandi of the credit card identity thieves

Thieves don't need to snatch or steal your wallet any more. They don't need to do so much hardship nowadays. They only need to use little brain and skill to steal your credit card information. Glance through the article to know about the various ways in which the thieves steal your credit card information successfully.

How thieves steal your financial information

Here are the 4 ways in which thieves steal your credit card information:

1. The waiter takes your card out of sight
You are eating your favorite cheese pizza with cold drink and the waiter comes to you for the bill. You give your credit card to the waiter for repayment of the bill. The waiter takes your card and goes to the reception area to swipe it through the card reader. You can see this much from your table. But what you can't see is that the waiter takes out a small equipment from his pocket and swipes it through the card. The waiter has stolen your credit card information by the time you complete your yummy meal. 

2. A car comes to the gasoline station when nobody is around

It is already midnight and everybody is sound asleep. The attendant of the gasoline station is also trying to sleep in his makeshift bed. A car comes up at the station and the attendant comes to attend the customer. The driver of the car attaches a special device over the credit card reader. This device is basically a skimmer which is equipped to send Bluetooth signal to the laptop. The driver pays the money and the attendant goes back to sleep. The driver rents a room at the nearest hotel and opens his laptop to get the data from the credit card reader at the gasoline station for the next few days. 

3. Three musketeers come into the store and create a chaos 

Three friends come to the store and get busy in looking at the items. The three friends roam within the store and select the items they want to purchase. The third friend stands in the line to pay the bill. When his/her turn comes up to pay the bill, the first friend comes up and announces that his wife has been hospitalized. The three friends start wailing and divert the attention of the cashier. In the mean time, the credit card reader at the store is replaced by another one. The cashier has no idea about what has happened.

The three friends steal all the credit card information from the original reader. They visit the store again and return the original machine by playing some another tactic. 

 4. Your cyber friend transmits a virus or spyware into your website

Your cyber friend sends you an interesting file in your mailbox. You friend asks you to check out the file. You open the file and see some puppies playing with balls or something like that. You don't even know that the file contains hidden spyware. The spyware enters into your computer system as soon as you open the file. Your cyber friend access all the confidential information stored in your computer and mails.  

4 Tips to stay away from scams

Go through the following lines to know what you can do to stay away from scams:

1. Check your accounts online at the end of the day.
2. Avoid doing financial transaction through the public computers
3. Set up an alert system in your cell phone
4. Don't open the files sent by your cyber friend

Finally, if your credit card information has been stolen, then you inform the matter to the credit bureaus and the card companies immediately. Make sure you report the matter to the local police station too.

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