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What would you look for in a future partner: Good credit or good looks?

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By: Amy
on 18th Oct,2013

This goes double for those who are divorced and reentering the dating world. Of course, a little tact is warranted when posing such an inquiry.
What would you look for in a future partner: Good credit or good looks?

Singles out there know that today's dating world is tough. This goes double for those who are divorced and reentering the dating world. In addition to looks, personality, sense of humor, a good job, and the many qualities to look for in a partner when seeking a potential mate, there is a new factor in play that is determining whether you've got what it takes to be a potential partner for someone: your credit score. Finding the right partner just got even harder, because singles today want the security and financial stability that comes with a good credit score, and if you don't have one, you may find the dating scene tougher than ever.

Good Credit or Good Looks?

What is more important to you? Many people have already decided that good credit is more important than looks when dating, and there are even websites popping up that match people together based on credit scores as well as compatibility—in essence, credit score dating sites. Some dating individuals even go so far as to inquire about credit scores on the first date, and the answer could be a determining factor as to whether there will be a second date. Of course, a little tact is warranted when posing such an inquiry. After all, a first date isn't exactly the time to do a credit check on a potential partner.

Why is your credit score important in dating?

Take a look at your credit report. It is a record of your financial responsibility. It details your financial actions, both good and bad. If you have a low credit score, it could be because you are always late paying bills, or use your credit cards too much and have maxed them out. These are not desirable qualities for someone seeking a partner, as both men and women desire someone who is financially responsible.

However, sometimes a low credit score is also the result of a bankruptcy or foreclosure, due to high medical bills, unemployment, or other unforeseen circumstances. Obviously this isn’t a fair indicator of how well you handle your money, so if the credit score question does come up, don't try to hide the facts. Be honest (as you always should when dating) and explain your circumstances. After all, a bad credit score can always become a good credit score in time.

According to recent studies, women rank the importance of credit score higher than men. This is probably because they equate a good credit score with the ability to secure a mortgage for a home, as well as general financial responsibility.

Money and Dating

Your credit score is also important when dating because as couples grow closer together, one thing they often fight about is money. A poor credit score can compound these issues, because it will make it hard to secure credit or loans, and possibly other problems such as renting an apartment or even getting medical insurance. If you or your partner has a poor credit score and you cosign a loan with them or open a joint account both individual's credit could suffer if payments are not made on time.

Is your credit score desirable?

When you do a credit check, you'll see how your financial actions affect your credit score. Typically, so long as you continue making regular payments of your bills, your credit should gradually improve. A good or great credit score is in the 700s, but usually anything 630 or higher could be considered fair credit.

If you feel that your credit score is low, you can talk to a financial expert about how to improve it. Additionally, if you are dating someone who has a low credit score but would like to help them improve it, a little budgeting advice can sometimes go a long way. Just be sure to handle the giving of advice as tactfully as you would the inquiry about credit, or you may soon see your dating experience come to an end quicker than expected. Just remember, as unfortunate circumstances might have affected your credit score, the same could have happened to the person you are dating, so be sure to keep an open mind and be understanding of the person's situation.

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