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Do you know about good debt?

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By: Sofiya
on 27th May,2014

Debt is considered as bad factor in life many.
Do you know about good debt?

Debt is considered as bad factor in life many. Everybody would wish not to give space for debt in the life ignoring the fact that there are good debts too. Debts in the life do not always intend to make your life a big mess.  Debts can help you lead a better life as well. If you are curious about these good debts, continue reading the article further.




 When you borrow some money from the lender for the purpose of addressing your needs, then it is called as debt. You will sign an agreement with the borrower saying that you have lent a sum of  money from the lender and  will repay the amount with stated interest rate after particular period of time. If  you deny the payment, then you are in trouble with the debt. A debt is always good as long as you are able to repay it in time and you can generate some income from the debt.


A bad debt


No person in the world will live the life without going for the debt one time or the other. We borrow money from the lenders for various reasons in life. If you wanted to make sure that the borrowed debt is  good. You should check if the need that you are going to address with the debt is generating any future income. The debt that is made to buy luxuries, impulse purchases, payday loans and any other debts that you can’t pay for are really considered as bad debts.


Find source of income


If you find that, your current income is not sufficient to address your necessities. Try to raise your income levels by working for part time along with the regular employment. No doubt, this would add some extra income to your pocket to lead a comfortable life. There is no need to rush out of home to generate these part time incomes. There are number of jobs available on the internet to generate good part time income without much stress. You can search for freelancing jobs available on the internet to generate some extra income. 


Good debt


Debt cannot be bad always as it sounds. It benefits you in many ways when borrowed for a good reason that generates income. The income generated through the debt should be more than the interest you pay to your lender. A student loan may be a huge debt in life but, the pay checks that you get after graduation are more than the interest that   you pay to the lender so, there is no doubt in saying that it is a good debt.

Another loan that falls in the same list of good debts is home loan. Though it is a long term loan, the value of the home will raise and it will be more than the total amount that you pay to the lender by completing the loan term. Even business loans fall under the same list because the obvious reason behind taking the business loan is income generation through investment. If you can generate good profits by investing the loan amount at the right time none other than the business loan would be the best example for good debts.


Debt is in fact a boon to mankind. In this uncertain life we can never be sure when the uncertainties knock our doors. Existence of debt  in the world helps you to raise immediate financial assistance in times of need. Debt can serve as a good solution to your life if you can use and repay it comfortably.


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