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9 Frugal ideas for making Father’s Day fun

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By: Good Nelly
on 15th Jun,2017

The time of the year when you wish to show utmost care, love, and affection to the man who brought you in this world is Father's Day.
Frugal ideas for making Fathers Day fun

The time of the year when you wish to show utmost care, love, and affection to the man who brought you in this world is Father's Day. Finding a gift for your father is a bit difficult specially when you want to spend less but present the best gift. Well, here are few mindful & solid ideas to befriend you in this endeavor.

1 Make a card

Hand written notes are of a much higher value than the cards bought from galleries. Express your gratitude for all he has sacrificed from the day of your birth, write all the good memories you have with him. You can also mention the things you have learned from him.

2 Ask him to take a break

Make your dad feel like the king of the day and let him have it his way by taking a day off, hanging out with his folks, going out fishing. You must spare him with all household chores & responsibilities. Let him know it's his day.

3 Gift a personal video

Arrange your dad's photographs from his birth and request for personal messages from his parents, relatives, friends & your mom. You can classify them periodically and add messages in between the pictures. Do not forget to share your feelings in the video. He is surely going to heart it.

4 Do his work

There are chores that your dad traditionally does and probably is bored of. Find out & do them for him. It might be anything from grocery shopping, cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning the car to mowing the garden. Let him relax.

5 Create a custom golf ball

If your dad likes to hit the ball, why not make it a little frisky by adding colors to it. Grab a few permanent markers, enhance your inner artist and decorate those balls. He is sure going to have fun while playing golf.

6 Clean his car

Get ready to wash, clean & vacuum your dad's ride into spick and span shape. Collect a few cleaning supplies from around the house and get done with your surprise. This will really be a knockout for your dad.

7 Split the cost:

You really want to give your dad what he wants to own but it's getting a little tight on the budget. So, try splitting the expense with your sibling. It surely makes you control your accounts and moreover makes your dad the happiest man in the world.

8 Give personalized keychains

You can put a picture of you and your dad in the plastic keychains. You can also engrave anything in the keychain that holds a special place in your dad's heart or something that is very unique and he is going to love it.

9 Cook and bake

Cook your dad's favorite meal or bake a cake or a simple doughnut. You can get ample of recipes in the specialized books or over the Internet. He is going to love anything you do with even little effort.

Well, Father's Day gift need not be extravagant, it has to show appreciation and a bit of effort. Use one of those ideas and find out how happily surprised it makes your father.

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