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How to start paying off your debts

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By: anonymous
on 16th May,2014

Life gets so much easier with credit cards and accounts and consolidating loans.
How to start paying off your debts

Life gets so much easier with credit cards and accounts and consolidating loans. Of course it is less difficult to do if you have a perfect credit history along with a good credit score. Debt consolidation agency is not option. You are trying to get a relief from your debt, so there is n need in adding one more bill after all. Even though such companies say that they are non-profit ones, it does not mean that you will not have to pay for their work. You will pay and it will most likely be an ongoing monthly fee.

Removing Numerous Payments

The easiest way to deal with your not  credit cards is to borrow a right amount to pay off everything right away. One payment instead of 4-6 will save your time and what is even more valuable money. Not to even mention you credit card's interest rate+ fee.

Do not turn to debt consolidation agency

From the very first sight it may seem that will make your life easier as you will have all of your debts combined in one. But remember one thing: your debt is being extended. It will not be paid off right away. So there is a big chance that you will be have to be making payments for additional 1-2 years. As a result you will get even bigger debt than the original one.

Be in charge of your debt

The first thing to get rid of is your small debts. Keep in mind that this is your main purpose. Try to avoid including home/vehicle loans in the consolidation. Control your life along with debts in it. Becoming a slave of your debts is a really bad thing to do.

Work things out with Bank

Unfortunately too many people fail in communication with their banks. Believe me, banks would be more than happy to help you through a rough time. If you credit is good, a lot of credit unions, banks or finance companies will have no problem to provide their borrowers with a couple of thousands.  You do not have a good credit? Then it is a high time to start building trustworthy relationship with your bank. Be the first to offer collateral. It can be a paid off car or maybe a boat.  If that will be not enough, make sure to try to persuade them to borrow you at least one thousand.  Put this money on your savings account and use it to make a payment when you need to. After you have made at least several payments or paid it off, bank is going to become more flexible and you may get an opportunity to apply for a bigger loan. Follow this principle and you will be able to pay off smaller debts.

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